What happened to The Garcia?

Did I miss any hotfix or patch notes about this? A few months ago it was my go-to shotgun for FL4K as it shredded through both enemies and my ammo reserves with its quick firing rate and high pellet count. Today it behaves like a even more useless Robin’s Call.

One of the recent hotfixes had a change to the Garcia intended to fix something, but seems like it instead made the gun completely useless.

Something tragic. I think it was a change some time in september that was originally intended to help with the recoil but it kind of broke the firing behavior.


Some info here:

BL3 in a nutshell.

If it ain’t broke… wait for it.


Yeah, it used to be pretty good, but they ruined it.

That made me laugh so hard…

And I feel bad for having to do so :joy::sweat_smile:

GB ruined it when they nerfed it. Just like this entire game.