What happened to the HW1 VAs?

I swear, the VAs for the Interceptors and Scouts are a copied pasted job of the HW2 squadrons

When I tell them to go into Claw/Sphere/Delta formations, they don’t say “Claw/Sphere/Delta formation set” they just go “New formation acknowledged”

This…this ain’t good

They pretty much are. Homeworld 1 also had a lot more indepth voice-overs for combat, especially when you had the battle-chatter cranked up… when you zoomed in on a pitched battle involving several fighter groups and a few capital ships, the sheer amount of battle chatter was just amazing.

I’d love to get the original chatter back for HW1:RM as an option, even if it was at the old, reduced quality. I’d mod it in myself, but I’m having a tough time figuring out how to pull all of the relevant audio out of the original game reliably… and I’m not sure if the Homeworld 2 code actually has as many triggers for chatter to actually occur.


Yeah. The VA was also better and more authentic and there was more than one.
HW2 was a step backwards as players had to hear that same bland voice for all units that weren’t a mothership.

Cataclysm did the best job by far having unique voices for each unit and appropriate battle chatter for each. Just listen to the worker ships scream as they are getting hit or when they die.


Meh, the Catalcysm voices were over the top and cartoonish.

I like the direction the HW2 voices had but I miss the variety present in Homeworld 1. If someone can unravel how voices work for Mods, it would be nice to get some new lines to throw in there.


Or when a ship is infected… “SYSTEMS CRASHING!”

I really would like to hear more distinct unit voice acting for both HW1 and HW2. I wonder how plausible that is with the HW2 engine.

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I suppose it might depend on what one’s definition of ‘cartoonish’ is. Certainly there’s a difference between Bugs Bunny and Batman: The Animated Series (1990s), for instance. Not like animated works aren’t mutually exclusive from serious performances… Though I suppose some might have difficulties seeing such. Then again, some live-action productions can be ridiculous like a Looney Tunes cartoon, such as most of Jim Carrey’s films.

I, at least, do not recall any sort of ridiculous voice acting in Cataclysm. They certainly were not the voices of disciplined military officers, but it’s not like the characters were supposed to be traditional military. None of them sounded like a Jim Carrey character, to me, at least.

Unless you mean any performance even remotely colorful is unprofessional and ‘need not apply’.

I think my biggest gripe with HW2 voices was that nearly every situation had the same level of calm, almost apathetic emotion - even when capital ships are on the brink of destruction, the battle chatter is barely reflected in the emotion or tone of the VA. Just listen to the lines: "Cabin pressure dropping." or "We’re going down… we’re going…"
The dialogue is fine, the delivery is not.

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When I think about Cataclysm voice acting my thoughts go along these lines:

Destroyer: “I’m a badass biker dude in space. Brood on.”
Multibeam frigate: “I’m a SHOOT’em up SPAZZ!!! FIREFIREFIRE!!!”
Recon: “Sexy sultry space babe reporting~”

I prefer Homeworld 1’s interjections from the pilots like, “Uhh, we got a situation here fleet.” “We’re getting our As*es kicked here.” and the other casual battle chatter. Homeworld 2’s “Show no mercy” is the greatest aggression I’d expect out of my pilots. I’d like to think Homeworld space forces are more professional than cartoon caricatures, which felt the case to me out of Cataclysm.

That all said it would be nice to have several voices in the pool, including female ones, played randomly when ships are selected.


Haha. I do agree the tough destroyer voice was over the top.
Overall though, most of the voices and dialogue in Cata were appropriate especially since, as StormhawkAPS pointed out, Kiith Somtaaw were miners, not calm and experienced combat veterans - you can’t expect them to sound as modest or restrained. The VAs for the Kuun-Lan’s captain and tactical officer were excellent.
I guess your definition of “cartoon caricatures” differs from mine.

I think another problem with HW2’s lines is that the VA wasn’t given enough context for the tone, setting and urgency of some of the dialogue. It’s like they just grabbed a random dev, shoved a script in his hands and said “Here read this, we’ll be back in an hour!”.

[quote=“Ursa_Major, post:9, topic:114622”]
Overall though, most of the voices and dialogue in Cata were appropriate especially since, as StormhawkAPS pointed out, Kiith Somtaaw were miners, not calm and experienced combat veterans.
[/quote]Exactly my point, thank you. I find it hard to believe people would overlook this point, considering the storyline pretty much hammers home they were miners - support personnel, perhaps, if you will - who took up the challenge to face something terrible they may have felt some responsibility for releasing on the galaxy. They weren’t trained for warfare, they weren’t disciplined soldiers. I’m not going to expect them to reign in their passions over the coms.

I’ve also noticed salvage corvettes dont have any of their old lines. If you give them a target, they would say something like “salvage target acquired, dotcon enabled” or something like that. You don’t even get “This ships to big, we need another salvage team fleet!” if the target is too big!

Looks an awful like corner cutting to me. That said, i hope they are still working on assets like that and plan to include them in the futuree.

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Oh man, I totally forgot about that, that is a good point.

Additionally, if they do decide to bring back the fuel mechanic, that will be even more reason to bring back the HW1 VAs so there is fuel chatter too:

"Group 2, running on fumes here."

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Miners who somehow had military equipment superior to every other faction?

The voice acting reflected typical RTS behavior of one voice type per unit, theme had little to do with this. The only way theme was worked in was how to make each unit sound over-the-top with regard to their role and behavior so as to make it obvious. As I inferred I found some of them grating, particularly on the mimic and the Multibeam frigate, to such an extent that I never used them unless I could help it.

Much rather prefer the HW1/HW2 voice pools, because it’s not something you see in a run-of-the-mill RTS. Most RTSes do the one-voice-per-unit thing to make a unit easily recognizable.

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Those never bothered me too much.

What did bother me? The resource controllers. oh dear god.


pls no

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And the problem with options, everyone has one and it rarely matches yours.
Personally I did not have any problem with the voice acting at all. so one more opinion :smile: to argue over.


The Mimics were hysterical - psychopathic tweeking hippies riding giant space bombs.

Loved the proper British-accented Carrier commanders.

I think my favorite were the Workers, who were just doing their thing. Every time I gave them an order, the response was “Leave this to the pros?”


I’ve just remembered how the Resource Controllers respond with a “Mobile Refinery (xxxx)” when done things to.

That’s a ■■■■■■ oversight

There are some other issues as well - I kept noticing during the first Homeworld mission that Fleet Command would report “Enemy unit emerging from Hyperspace” when the training drones appeared - and when my fighters engaged them, they’d report things like “Friendlies under fire, moving in” even though nothing was attacking them – the generic Homeworld 2 acks basically, and pretty out of place for the context of the first mission.

I know that Homeworld 2 at least has a couple of LUA functions for silencing the automatic fleet command notices during cutscenes and such (“Sound_SetMuteActor(‘Fleet’)” is one of them I think) - these could be briefly toggled in the first mission right as the drones spawn to fix that, if nothing else is available to make the drones appear in such a way that they don’t trigger the “Enemy emerging from hyperspace” notice.


I rarely used Mimics, considering suicidal units just seemed like a waste of resources, to me.

I think I know which response you are talking about, and I actually kind of liked that one. It was actually “Roger, command. Can you speak up?!” … not sure where you’re getting the exaggerated ‘command’ from.

In general, I don’t see what the problem is with unit-specific responses. At least one of the dissenting opinions sounds like a hipster saying, “It’s mainstream, so it sucks.”


Eh, memories tend to be fallible and the brain does a good job of filling the gaps and sometimes distorting the truth when recalling.

Also, purposely exaggerating an example and then criticising it is a tactic we’ve all been guilty of using in an argument at one point in our lives.

Overall, I don’t see them detracting from the game either. Unit-specific responses aren’t just for unit recognisability, they’re also for immersion. The inclusion of such a feature in most RTSs these days adds to the game - I can certainly agree that sometimes the personalities are exaggerated in order to make them unique and stand out from the rest (Cata’s destroyer springs to mind a lot).

However I would argue that most players were far more content with Cata’s voices than they were with HW2, not just because of variety but because of delivery and tone.