What happened to the hyperious glitch for 4 player?!

So I guess the new patch or whatever erased my only chance of getting the norfleet from Vermivorous. What happened to the 4 player glitch to help him show up?! Did they really have to fix that. Now I can’t EVER get him to show up!!! I’ve tried going to Hyperious like 100 times and now the 4 player glitch won’t work!!! Come on geabox!!! Any way of fixing that again so I actually have a chance of getting a norfleet?!

There is another thread that discusses this issue. It can be found here: 4 player trick gone... Seriously? . Yes, the latest patch apparently removed the 4 player glitch / trick. However if you are trying to specifically get a Norfleet, you can get it from Hyperius. You don’t have to fight Vermivorous to get the Norfleet. Unlike Vermivorous, Hyperius is a guaranteed spawn.

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Yeah thanks but he’s almost impossible for me to kill unfortunately. I’ve tried like a hundred times and I go down way to easily.

vermi aint the only one that drops a norfleet, hyperious also drops it and hes somebody you always know you can fight

what character are you using bronx?


Actually since the update I couldn’t farm Hyperius either because the game would crash every second time I’m triggering the start of the fight. I have about fifteen attempts now and each and every time, precisely on his second nova at the beginning of the second time I entered his room, the game would crash. So for me currently both possibilities of getting a Norfleet are gone !

There is a way to effectively farm vermi solo if you are on pc. Use google. It works when you cant muster a group. Check the steam community forums. They are more active than these and will prove more helpful.