What happened to the legendary drop rates!

Since the last patch I’m seeing drop rates for legendary’s plummet. Playing online TVHM M3 with a loot relic -75% health for more loot and still getting barely a 10th of what I used to. Done Haunt like 20 times still no event loot.

Gearbox can’t have a looter shooter if you make the guns progressively worse not better?!?!?! At launch I was getting guns with scores over 600 now gun scores are averaging 540. If you make a mistake raise the roof not lower the floor. Please fix drop rates if your planning on selling DLC or watch your audience disappear like a Penn and Teller Magic Trick!

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Over the last couple of playing sessions I have not seen one legendary. This is theoretically still within rng norms but is highly suspicious.

Trying to get one of the four legendary bloody harvest items is a pain in the ass. Getting a legendary in general is already a pain in the ass. I’ve been at it for 2 to 3 hours and not a single legendary drop at all even on mayhem 2/3

RNG hates you today, I’ve been getting one/two legendary per boss 90ish% of the time on M2/M3

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Hit Graveward night before with friends and had 6 drop, last night farming Dino’s for hectoplasma only had one Drop the whole night. I remember farming the loot train in BL2, took 2 years for me to get my first Legend from it.

So typical BL RNG is what’s hitting

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I’m playing with the Luck Relic as well and have had very good results farming Gigamind. At least one Legendary per run and in most instances 2-3 and it’s a ridiculously easy farm on Mayhem 3.

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Customer satisfaction should never be left depending on RNG. This would be poor design. Good “random” looters have pity timers and failsafes that trigger periodicly.


In Voracious Canopy there’s a place with infinitely spawning dinosaurs that produce alot of yellow skull ghosts. Supposedly a great way to farm legenaries even the ghost grenade and that new shotgun. Still gotta test this out as I only heard about it on youtube

I haven’t noticed a massive plummet in the world, although I’ve only gotten maybe 2 legendaries from Haunt in 11 kills (but I assumed he was just low, never had a high drop rate from him to start with). However, I was trying to get legendary class mods from Moxxi’s slots and I got 1 in over an hour (about 21 billion down to 14 billion, after loot sales, etc). A few days ago, I got 5 over a 5 billion deficit.

Farm Gigamind for Class Mods… I got several
In the last few days.

I’d heard that somewhere else yesterday, too. I’ll give that a shot tonight after I get bored farming Haunt (so, like maybe 2 kills).

Trying it now. Managed to get the shield and sniper grinding it for about 2 hours now. Seems to work. Voracious Canopy in the ship at the waterfall room. goto the door out to activate the spawn point and your set.

Nice I’m gonna farm them today

Yeah, it is not like I recently got eight legendaries from the Graveward;)

Also, the weapons score is probably as bad as Gearscore was in World of Warcraft. Meaning: The build around the weapon is more important than the weapon score itself.

8 in one run? Online and solo? I call bs. None of them look annointed so clearly the hotfix isn’t active since annointed are raining currently.


Did not know loot drop rate would change being offline (i thought only XP). I was actually offline due to I wanted to avoid the annoying Terror on weapons. Annointed, cannot remember, but there is a high chance some were, since I normally get tons of those in each kill. Yes, it was solo. Some say they have gotten a much as 7 legendaries, so I recon I was quite lucky with the RNG. What the max is, I have no idea about:)

Yah that makes more sense but OP was talking about the game post hot fix

Offline drop rates are much much better but you can’t take advantage of the mayhem event with increased annointed drops. Annointed gear is really what you want to get your hands on.

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Ah, I see. Thank you for the explanation;)

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I often wondered what the ratio is of Anointed Legendaries offline vs on. I get it that online receives more frequent anointed drops however does the frequency of Legendary drops offline counter the far less frequent in online play.

I’m not for sure to be honest. I can say that with the mayhem on twitch event the annointed are dropping like crazy and it’s made farming a lot of fun again. I thought I’d be playing outer worlds but I can’t pass up this farming opportunity in bl3. I’ve managed to get a few decent pieces of gear. Farmed tarantula for about 8 hours yesterday and got a few annointed hives for later use. :slight_smile: