What happened to the legendary drop rates!


Sounds like offline is still fun

My drop rates have been poor as well.

Farmed voracious canopy for 90 minutes and got 3 legendaries.

Did the heck hole about 12 times. 2 legendaries.

Traunt dropped a red queen.

None were bloody harvest loot. Just terror anointments if they were anointed to begin with.

Farm Gigamind!!!

Just hopped on and first go online. This is a great spot for mods boys and girls.

I’ve noticed that my item quality drop rate is getting progressively worse with the more points I put into the Guardian Luck ability. Maybe it’s just coincidence but drop rates are definitely getting much worse. I’ve had 1 legendary in the last 20 hours played.

Farming where?

Graveward. Slaughter Shaft on Mayhem 1 & 2 and just playing through TVHM Mayhem 1 up to Gigamind and killing him a bunch of times.

Edit: I got an Amara legendary class mod from Gigamind last night. I only have 3 legendary weapons, one of which is level 45 Night Hawken, the Doom based shotgun (level 50) and the other was the Baby Maker for finishing the Clap Trap quest. No other legendaries are equipped. I’ve found about 10 legendaries all up since reaching level 50. Most have been useless for FL4K.

Hmmm … probably just some bad runs man. It’s happened to me plenty of times even with luck relic in hand.

Agreed. However I will toss this out there for those who don’t know. The current Bloody Harvest challenge that requires you to loot 1 bloody harvest legendary, doesn’t get completed until you equip the legendary. So in actuality you don’t need to loot one. Just equip it.

I tested it by lending my Fearmonger to a friend. The moment they equipped it the challenge completed for them. So borrow the item if it is just for the challenge.

On topic, I can’t say as I haven’t been in game today.

Yeah, RNG can be pretty weird. The first time I killed Lavender Crawley on TVHM M1 I got all whites with 2 green items. I dumped out and tried again and got mostly blue items with 2 purple items.

Had many nights where this occurred and I had to put my PS4 to sleep.

Are you on PS4? I can mail you some gear to help out without killing the fun

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Nah it’s ok, I’m on PC. Thanks for the offer though.

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Been farming VC still but noticing my drop rates really flux. Some times I seem to get the 500% mayhem mode boost and other times i can run VC waterfall 8 times in a row and get nothing not even a shot at a loot ghost.

Are the settings for drop rates hackable? Cause I had my 2 favourite guns attacked yesterday by hackers changing the stats and lowering them by 30% for spite then I was crashed out and somehow while crashed out I auto saved without consent to the epic cloud as well. So the stat hacks were permanent… lucky a few seconds after I realized I was screwed a patch forced itself again and my 2 guns were restored to normal stats.

Whats going on??? And can I have my legit loot find stat back please???

Strange things are afoot at the circle ^

hmm I didn’t have that problem yet online. Normally I do get 1-2 legendaries in half an hour on m3.

But its rng. So it happened that in my first run on m1 to kill taunt I got 3 legendaries. Then I swapped over to m3 and I get only one. But still acceptable 1 legendary for 20mins was not bad.