What happened to the loot train?

Is it just me because I could have sworn that the loot train had a lootable red chest on top of the last car that you could get to after climbing the ladder near the platform. Yesterday I did the Marcus dlc with Kreig (this was on a reset of OP8 for an all OP8 run) and there was no train car with a red chest on top- indeed, they only chest was the grey weapons chest that is on the ground near the ladder. Am I getting this confused with something else or is it now missing?

There usually is a red chest, but I think if you don’t kill the Bullymong that is pulling the train right away, the train car can disappear along with the chest. Could be wrong, but I swear I remember this happening before.

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If you are referring to the stolen train car that the Yeti is trying to make off with during the story part, I have only had that red chest spawn during the story. On every subsequent playthrough (farming the train) I have never had that chest respawn.

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that chest only appears on story mode
subsequent farming doesn’t appear

That’s my point- I WAS on story mode put the chest wasn’t there, which means Jimmy_cornflower could be right…

I think Jimmy is right, because I did the story mode on UHVM, and had to back of trying to kill 2 psycho’s heading at me, got back, killed everyone, no Red Chest.

I had only done the Story mode once before on NVHM, so I thought I had imagined it until I saw this thread.