What happened to the Maggie?

Iv just started playing after taking a break since the Handsome Jackpot DLC and I was wondering what in heck happened to the Maggie?

Iv followed the patch notes and content updates via social media pretty closely to keep up with what is going on in game but I never saw anything about the Maggie getting a huge Accuracy downgrade. I tried playing with it for about 2 hours and ended up selling it because it was now under leveled and honestly I hated its recoil.

When did this happen? Was Maggie truly that dominant among hand guns?

Not exactly sure “when” it happened, but it definitely happened.

As of recently, it seems that GB nerfs all decent performing weapons just as the newest DLC is released and only the new DLC weapons are good.

Seems deceitful and like a ploy to get players to purchase the DLCs. But GB is a business and making money is their #1 goal.

There’s something weird going on with the Jakob’s pistol and AR buffs. When you first boot up the game and load a character, it seems that the pistol damage is lower than should be and the AR is buffed. Quit the session to the main menu and restart, and now the pistol damage is back up but the AR damage is down. There’s a couple of posts about this in the last hotfix thread. And this only seems to happen with Jakobs gear.

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Maggie actually has been buffed recently. It was utterly useless until then. Now, with my SNTL Cryo annointment it is useful albeit nowhere near what the Lightshow is for example.

Do you mean that the aiming circle is much bigger than it should be? I think that’s actually a display bug that can be fixed by just going into your inventory.

It is similar to that but I did swap guns and go in to my inventory but non of that did anything. The recoil is also just out of this world. If I shoot it more then once the pellets are all over the place. I need to be close range to make any use of the thing.

Possibly a stupid question, but it’s not your Mayhem mods screwing you, right? You don’t happen to have rolled Big Kick Energy? Because increasing spread and recoil is exactly what it does.