What Happened to the New Story Missions?

the way the season pass was described it made it seem like they actually already had the new missions made and just would release them in a timed fashion.

At the least I figured they would release one with each new battleborn?

Any word on this?

As far as I understood the first DLC-operation will get released in late summer, so somewhen in september. It seems the new Battleborn get released first, then the mission follow, so I hope we´ll get the first DLC-mission together with the 30th battleborn or already together with no.29, Kid Ultra.

Timed fashion or a timely fashion are pure matters of perspective. Some gamers expect from an AAA-title that it gets a DLC within the first month, some can wait for DLC half a year and some oldschool gamers still know the times when an expansion pack was released 2 years after launch of the vanilla game. Many different perspectives with many different expectations.


Can you do me a favor Ganj and combine the like eight different topics on this?

Didn’t they say new hero (29th) will took a couple of months?

In their DLC release plan there were two DLCs late summer.

I never said “I know for sure -” I wrote “it seems” and “I hope”, to make an indication of my lack of solid knowledge on this matter.

Then there´ll be two DLC´s, more to be excited about. Do you know if this refers to the DLC-operation missions or general DLC-content (new character/new PvP-maps/new PvP-mode) ?

I found that article:

Two new PVE missions. But I feel like they’ll be a little late.

I’m sure we’re going to hear something about it during the upcoming PAX West this Friday. The Gearbox Software panel will be at 5pm PT.