What happened to the RTS genre?

I grew up with games like Command and Conquer, Total Annihilation, Homeworld, Starcraft, Warcraft, and Age of Empires. For the past several years this genre seems to have experienced a great decline. For the past several years there hasn’t been a successful big budget RTS with a cinematic storyline and good multi player. Now I am really excited for Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. I hope it is successful and we will end up seeing more games in this genre.

I don’t know why the decline, but I suspect Consoles had an influence.

These days if you don’t release a game on all 5 platforms, you’re publisher/backer or whatever isn’t interested, and as I never tried an RTS on a console, as I was a big PC gamer for many years, I have no idea how RTS’s do on consoles.

My preference has always been for turn based anyway, even on the P.C. I sucked at RTS, I like to take my time, plan my building etc, so things like X-Com suit me way better (Yay for X-Com 2, due in Feb :slight_smile: )

I really like Warhammer 40K: Dawn Of War series. If you like the genre you should try them out.

Much of the issue is DLC.

If you look at Blizzard, the ending to the Protoss third of the SC2 trilogy really does feel like they’re putting the series to bed for the foreseeable future. Sure, there will be the Nova missions but that’s probably it as Blizzard moves ahead with Heroes of the Storm, WOW and Hearthstone. All three of these games lend themselves to comparatively easy DLC. As long as you make sure that a new mount/card/unit doesn’t unbalance the game, you can sell thousands of those units.

Starcraft and RTS games don’t really work that way. The only DLC that you can really sell are expansion campaigns and those are comparatively labor-intensive. For the effort of The Nova Missions which are currently selling for $15 as a pre-order and $22.50 otherwise, I can guarantee that Blizzard could pound out 50-100 mounts/cards/units at a buck a piece.

The current video game market is stacked against RTS games as it is against any other non-DLC-friendly genre.

You might be interested in “Nost-Kartrah: Emergence”, it’s a medieval-fantastic RTS still in development which is planned for the end of this year

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