What happened to

I wasn’t sure where to throw this topic. Spoilers felt like the right space though.

Whatever happened to the large creature raid behind the locked door on Pandora? The game has been out for months. People have broken into the area by climbing the mountain with cyclones. And still to this day nothing has been added. Have I missed something. Or did they abandon this? Just sucks having an area that can’t be accessed without what I consider a cheat.

I hope this gets added or at the very least unlock the door so players can explore the area to remove the fog of war.


Same with the door under Sanctuary’s bridge. Also, a few places have eridian pedestals that can be clicked by don’t do anything.

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To summarize things from other posts I made elsewhere:

  • You didn’t missed anything, there’s still nothing there.

  • It seems that the arena was used for a giant Varkid (Vermivorous?) boss fight, there have been pictures of it and it even appeared in one of the promotional manufacturer vids (has since been deleted) I wonder what the next DLC will be about?

  • There are also still other unreachable locations like the mentioned door in Sanctuary 3 and the tunnel in Devils Razor (behind Antalope)

This is new to me, are you sure you’re not just talking about the ones that unlock the Proving Grounds?

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I think they have plans for that Ascension Bluff area still. To this day, GBX folks still give kinda coy responses to questions they get about it (unless they’re just trolling at this point. :wink: )

I found one near Fort Sunshine on Eden 6, directly behind the spot where you “scout” the place from. Never went there after finishing the game tho.

Yes those are for the Proving Grounds, you can acquire the missions from those pedestals once you received the item that is also used for the Eriadian writings, the Eridian Analyser. There are 6 in all.

And one of the responses in the Borderlands show seemed to confirm that we can evolve an Invincible from the Varkids. Honestly, I’ve been running around some map areas (Konrad’s Hold is a really good spot for this, I noticed if you spawn in Slaughter Shaft and get out of the area you have so much Varkids, it’s perfect) with a few Supreme Badass Varkids for 2-3 days. I didn’t get anything. Still, I’m playing solo and don’t have anyone to discover stuff with me. I was running around Sanctuary for 10 hours straight and found the third camera behind a wall which can be broken by sliding. I posted about this in another topic.
I Honestly think we should be able to discover new things now but no one is dedicated enough. I hardly doubt some of the things in Sanctuary would be there already now if they are not finished. But if that’s the case, I spent a whole lot of time trying to uncover it.

Well I feel like there are still hidden things that have not been found by players. Just too many nooks and crannies all over the place for there not to be stuff still hidden.