What happened today that nerfed my gun?

I was using a Breath of the Bying that was level 42 and had 1008 damage at 10.3 fire rate. Using it
just about wrecked everything . That was this afternoon (Feb 14). Tonight when I went back in the game that night, the damage was down to 344. Anything happen in between? Yes, it was OP for my level 45 character but was practically unusable afterwards.

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Were your hotfixes applied? Anytime you see a large change in damage like that it is always a hotfix issue. Wait at the main menu until you see the hotfix applied sign (should only take a few seconds).

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I can’t hotfix. I’m on Stadia. That’s probably the reason. Thanks.

Hotfixes are downloaded and applied directly to memory by the game from the SHIFT servers - there is no user interaction involved at all, and it doesn’t depend on your platform in the way regular code updates would. You just have to wait at the main game menu until you see the ‘Hotfix applied’ sign appear on the pole behind and to the left of your character. You can also see the hotfix date show up in the rotating ‘news’ tiles in the bottom-left of the screen. It shoudn’t take more than a few seconds.

I’m having this same issue on Xbox. The recent hotfix does not get applied anymore no matter how long I wait at the menu screen.

My hotfix was applied. That’s how my gun got nerfed. Post your issue on the forum to see if it can be resolved.

Yes I have done that cheers. It looks like it is not linking to my Shift account as the usual news stories on the menu screen are also no there.

You can open a ticket to support2k.com telling them that Shift isn’t linking, Hoping it gets resolved.

You don’t actually need to have your profile linked on Shift to get the hotfix. That said, the Shift servers do go down and get congested at times which will interfere with the hotfixes. There’s a twitter account that’s supposed to announce when they have outages, but they’re not the best about updating that.

Agreed. I opened a ticket the other day, nothing forthcoming as yet though and nothing on the SHiFT status Twitter account.
I’ve been playing Borderlands 3 since its original release and never had an issue like this before. I’ll just have to wait and see if they get back to me.

FWIW, I have found that since last week’s hotfix, I am no longer seeing the “Hotfixes Applied” sign next to my character on the main menu. However, at the bottom left of the main menu or the pause menu, where the “News” section flashes through those 5 or 6 (or 2 if it’s the pause menu) subscreen messages, it does say, “Borderlands 3 Hotfixes: February 11, 2021.”

I am on Xbone.

Stadia does load the hotfix the same when I open the game. Wait a couple of seconds on the home screen and the hotfix sign will appear.

Same as console ect if you click into the game too early you’ll load without it.

My guess is loading into the game too quickly before it was applied.

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The “news” only has one item on mine and no details on the hotfix unfortunately.

On the subject of waiting long enough I did initially think that too but I’ve left it on the menu screen for 15 minutes and its still the same.

Interesting - I do see hotfix signs, as usual. Also on XboxOneS.

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@CharmlessBee It could be just me being crazy or it is possible that the “Hotfixes Applied” sign is disappearing more quickly than usual or something and I just missed it. But I did notice it multiple times yesterday.

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Can’t say for sure. Didn’t do any “serious” testing. But Since the Broken Heart event drop. I “felt” the hotfix wasn’t “applied” despite waiting “several seconds”. (PS4)
All in quotation marks because it’s only a gut feeling. Whenever I pay attention it work fine… :confused:

Speaking of gut feelings - mine is that load times got much worse on Xbox with latest event active. On the same subject - never understood why Sanctuary takes forever to load, the place is tiny in comparison to other maps.


Everything seem more laggy lately. Including pesky one or two seconds freeze on PS4. Didn’t had (much) issues with that in the first year. Now it’s really bothersome.

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My guess is that Sanctuary has issues loading because it is also loading all the items in your bank. No evidence to back that up, but I would bet that they don’t load instantly upon accessing your bank.

And regarding the general lagginess of the game during the Broken Hearts event, yes absolutely. My game is freezing and dropping frames constantly with this event. I would assume that this occurs as a result of the fact that those hearts can spawn lots of different things, including ghosts (among other things), and the game has trouble keeping up with everything on the screen. Try playing on M10 with all the modifiers PLUS the Broken Hearts event - spoilers, the game doesn’t run very well.

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I don’t have the same issues, I think (normal and MH11 are not that busy visually) - but I do wonder if just re-enabling this rather old event did resurrect some older, not so optimized code paths.

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