What happened?!

What has happened to matchmaking? I am unable to choose between Meltdown/Incursion/Capture. I can choose between casual an compitive, but who would want that? I am not going to play capture or incursion, because I hate those modes.

U guys have the same?

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PLEASE revert this change as soon as humanly possible. I don’t want to have my gamemodes dictated to me by the tyranny of the majority. Or at least change it so that you can CHOOSE to queue for more than one gamemode. But this system is simply not going to work. MM times have actually been good for the past 2-3 weeks and this change is going to kill that.


Seriously, this is not a glitch? What a complete hell:(


  • People leave after voting if they cannot play the gamemode they want to play. Games will be 4 vs 5 or disconnected. I have tried 4 games today. I left 2 because they where Incursion. In the other 2 opponents left before the game started
  • People play, but don’t have much interest because they rather play another game
  • Bigger wins/losses. (with dedicated players for Incursion, games are tighter than with people who play Meltdown usually, and are ‘forced’ into an Incursion Match. You can less rely on your team.
    -Pre made parties can decide what gamemode will be played. They have all the influence and will win even faster because of the reason I mentioned above
    -Less popular modes will hardly be played. So Meltdown fans cannot play Meltdown, since Incursion is just way more popular.

Less server issues since a lot of players will leave.

Honestly, when thinking it is a good idea to force players into gamemodes they do not like (especially in a game where you need dedicated, enthousiast players to win), you should ask yourself why no other game chooses that. Maybe because players who are forced to play something they do not like, will quit the game or troll the teammates cause they are bored.

They are adding in a report function to help combat this. Leavers will be punished and chronic leavers will be banned from playing.

Not really sure how you came to this conclusion. How do you know the enemy team didnt fell like playing? Were they afk the whole game? Again, report system will help weed out the players who quit/AFK

This is not true. Competitive is based off ELO so your matches are going to be closer, since everyone in the game will be of relatively equal skill. Casual is not, no matter what map/mode it is it will be a mes since it jsut grabs whoever (just like it has been the last 2 weeks)

I can see capture not being played often, but i feel like Incursion and Meltdown will have somewhat close play counts.

Less players is never an upside.

This matchmaking fix should give players the best of both worlds. Quick games for players who dont care about balanced games, and competitive games for players who dont mind waiting a few extra minutes for a balanced match. Its not a perfect system, but its the best we have.

How would you change it?


Which means fewer players and longer queue times. Still not a good thing.


I mean leaving after voting, so that the game starts with 4 vs 5. And since there is no such system yet, my argument stands. Also, if people stay in gamemodes they hate because they would otherwise be banned, how much effort will they put in the games then?

How I know? Because I am not the only player that absolutely dislikes one of the game modes (Incursion). So if I have to play Incursion, I would just camp a bit and get some kills. I would not bother to help the team. It may sound selfish, but I just don’t like Incursion at all. It’s like being forced to play some weird game mode in CoD, when you just want to play TDM.

I don’t play ranked. So, I am screwed more than it has been last two weeks. Why? Because a lot of players play 1 mode dedicated. I for example, have played Capture and Incursion about 10 times and suck. So if I get in a casual Incursion game, I am a uninterested, bad player. Also, newer players who play Meltdown with 1 main character will be okay. But if they suddenly play another mode, they suck

Fine as well. So capture-fans are forced into Incursion/Meltdown. Meltdown/Incursion players can only hope they do not play against a pre made party, since a pre made can just decide what mode will be played.

What I would do? I would keep matchmaking as it is. It is fine on PS4 and most important for me is that I can play what I want. If the player base is too small to add ranked play, just don’t.

Its far from fine at the moment. Go look at all the threads complaining about how unbalanced the game is. Many players, myself included, stopped playing because it was so bad.

Why are you playing a game you dont like?[quote=“poker.vriend, post:6, topic:1539294”]
Because I am not the only player that absolutely dislikes one of the game modes

Again, why are you palying a game you dont like?

Again, why are you playing a game you dont like?

The game modes really arent very different. Kill minions and kill players (except capture where there are no minions). Your team holds territory and tries to push out while deafitng players and minions.

It sounds to me that you dont like playing the game. I would suggest playing a different game.

Why exactly would you say that? I am level 96 and have played hundred of Meltdown games. I find Meltdown way superior over Capture and Incursion. I love the strategy of Meltdown and find Incursion boring. Is that so hard to believe? For the rest you don’t even seem to understand my arguments, so why respond? Especially since you find Incursion and Meltdown pretty much the same. Have you even played Battleborn to make such a weird statement?

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Escort Minion to sentry
Escort Minions to Alter

Not that different.

400 games played, so ya…Ive played a fair bit.

Which will be unfair to people that are leaving because they cant choose their mode.

Report cheaters and in game quitters. Those are the ones ruining the gaming experience. Not the people that don’t wanna be forced into a game mode.

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How is leaving during character select/map select any different from leaving during the game? The match still starts 4v5 and ruins the gaming experience either way.


Eh, refusing to play a gamemode is incredibly silly, to me. You should learn to play the game, not just one small portion of it. Thats like playing Destiny and expecting to have access to everything when you dont PvP… PvP is fundamental, so is PvE. Choosing one or the other is silly, so is choosing one gamemode and never touching the rest because your time on it made you believe “you suck”. While I sympathize with you plea, I also dont think its totally terrible to expect players to play your entire game. Again, I do sympathize with you and wish they would have implemented a better system for choosing maps/modes as it does feel more or less restricting now


It’s not that people are playing a game they don’t like. People love this game but don’t want to be forced into a mode they’re uninterested in.

PvP isn’t the entirety of BB. One or two modes isn’t the entirety of BB. Disliking parts of a game doesn’t mean you’re playing a game you hate.

My argument to that is the match shouldn’t start unless it’s 5v5.

If a player drops then immediately queue in a player, or asap. Bring up a message saying “we’re taking time to find a replacement”.


Many people play PvE on BB and not PvP, so their reasoning for finding PvP unenjoyable is silly or lacks merit?

There are many people that enjoy one or two PvP modes. That’s not a small portion of the game when you consider how much there is to do in this game. Lores, mastering, and online PvP play is endless until the servers go down.

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I have played Incursion, don’t get me wrong. I just do not like it. And why exactly should I play a gamemode that I do not like? I have payed €50, so I guess I can play a game how I want to. It is like I force you to play with Kelvin, or any other character you don’t like.

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It sounds like you should be playing CASUAL, because that is exactly what we have had for the last couple of weeks. At least, that is what their news update said. The only difference is that there will be only one of the maps for each mode, not two. And please do not change it back! I am tired of losing all the time because of bad matchmaking! Seriously, in the last two weeks, I have 33 wins and 163 losses! : (


So I’m going to be punished instead by the majority and forced to play a mode I don’t enjoy? How does that make sense? I’d rather leave than play something I don’t enjoy.


PvE and PvP are completly different. Very little is in common.

Incursion and Meltdown are very similar. I dont see how you can find one fun, and the other boring. What is so different that you dont like it?

It makes sense that you should be punished for ruining a game for 9 other players. Dont like it, dont play it. Go play Casual, private, or PvE. Or another game.

[quote=“12326kjr, post:19, topic:1539294, full:true”] Dont like it, dont play it. Go play Casual, private, or PvE. Or another game.

Yup, the official position seems to be that if you don’t want to play Incursion on Overgrowth, go screw yourself.

Funny part is they just said they were adding more maps… why?

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