What happened?!

I won’t play it that’s my point exactly I don’t like capture if a premade all votes capture I’m forced into playing something I don’t enjoy, meltdown and incursion pretty fairly same strat. i would play casual but the selection process is the same, private you can’t complete lore, pve I do play it from time to time. But when I want to play incursion I want to play incursion not another mode chose for me.

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Thats entirely not true. Its a vote. If the community wants to play Incursion, then so be it. If you dont want to play it, find some other people who want to play something else and group up. Or communicate with your team and ask to play something else. You have options. Just because you dont want to use them doesnt mean they arent there

Its a vote in the same way Ford offered cars in any color, so long as it was black.

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Im sorry, i thought there were 3 option to choose from. Capture, Incursion, and Meltdown. Not Incursion, Incursion, Incursion.

And only one of those options will ever be picked. It’s a false choice.

That bullcrap and you know it. I very much enjoy playing the game, just not being forced to play modes I have no interest in like Meltdown and Capture. Now I have to hope that the majority map gets voted on or I have to drop out and risk punishment? What sense does that make?

I don’t know what Gearbox is thinking with this.

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Gearbox has done a lot of testing and a lot of listening. Many requests include faster matchmaking, more accurate matchmaking, and avoidance of pubstomps. All of these have now been given. Including turning three divisions into two divisions, improving PC’s condition. Will this inconvenience few? Most likely. Will this help the game for many more than the few? Yes. This was undeniably the right move. Many are frustrated by the lack of serious competition, and a way to help new players. Again, both ac6vomplished. In any case, this should be discussed in the proper thread, created by a Gearbox employee himself. Could a mod please merge or something similar?


How so? Match making is still way off, pitting premade groups against random parties, “pubstomps” still happen as a result and now the queues are longer. In addition they’ve more or less removed all but one map.

Faster matchmaking and less pubstomps should occur in Casual, of course with the given that there are those who enjoy a good ol pubstomp and will use Casual to do so. Matchmaking will improve given some time to establish correct skill levels. And yes, I do believe premades should generally go against other premades only

[quote=“AthenaTina, post:29, topic:1539294, full:true”]Matchmaking will improve given some time to establish correct skill levels. And yes, I do believe premades should generally go against other premades only

Until they do that, they can not claim to have an ELO match making system. That only works when like groups fight like groups. And while you say it will improve, they seem to be using the same matching system they had before, which got worse over time. For now, I tried 4 competitive matches. Queue times were long, all three were “pubstomps”, two of them were against full premades and all were on the same map. I have zero interest in the game as is now. Yesterday was far better, if still massively flawed.

I’ve also tried the casual queue, and while faster, the results are even worse with more or less every match having people drop due to not getting the mode/map they wanted.

I have never ever posted on a forum of any sort and I created an account on here just for this. You can tell by the fact I don’t even know how to quote anyone.
Many before me has done a great job of expressing it better than I have: If the new matching making does not change back/to something smart - I AM DONE WITH PVP. Which is very sad because I just grew out of my shell of vs private and story mode and have enjoyed winning and losing in public.
The matchmaking was slow but that is because other games are kicking this games butt AND the instant rematch thing actually ended up hurting b/c you’d think you’d have a team and they’d drop. The new change discourages me to play. I’ve been playing since beta and am verklempt.

1.) I do not want to be put in a game mode I do not want to be in. I really enjoy all 3 and want to play each when I want to play them.
2.) All the people saying ‘play casual’. The casual thing is a joke, highly skilled jerks want to get games faster and slaughter casuals. Yeah there are those that want to be the best and they might play competitive, but good to great players are ok with winning. Anderson Silva and Fedor fought cans for years. I am an average player and enjoy having to choose characters and strategies that work together, sometimes I seem awful sometimes I am the top player but (having played after the changes) the stompage is way worse in casual now than it ever has been when it was all together. And the drops due to un-prefered game type are huge. Just do these tournaments they were posting about in the same news bulletin a leave the rest of us alone.
3. Cant even fathom competitive taking away a map option on top of all of this.

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“This was undeniably the right move”

Absolutely not. What sense does it make to throw a mid/high ELO player in a game mode they have no interest in playing? Am I just supposed to suck it up and waste 30 mins of my time in a mode I really dislike because “well the matchmaking que is quicker”? And if I quit I’m the bad guy right? I mean now the people that actually want to play that particular mode are down a person because I left to go back into que. Hell they might even report me! Rock solid design there!

I’d rather wait 3-5 mins on a team for a mode I chose then be FORCED to play for 30 mins in a mode I did not. I doubt I am alone in this. PS4 Incursion ques were fine before all of this nonsense. The skill level ELO matching is the only silver lining to come out of this.

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Sorry, I had meant to talk about how they’re experimenting with new matchmaking and made a typo and deleted the entire sentence. PVP is new for Gearbox. They said that they were only doing this for a week. This is new ground. This game is very much a work in progress. It looks loke this is a late bloomer like Borderlands instead of other games with more repetitive play (cough cough).

People keep saying this is a terrible decision, but cant come up with anything better.

Dont just bitch about how the new system sucks. Give better options.

It might not be perfect. But its the best we have

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It’s not my job to come up with better decisions as I’m not a Gearbox developer. What are you even talking about? It’s the communities responsibility all of a sudden?

If you don’t like my “bitching” then kindly avert your eyes but I’m going to express my emphatic dissatisfaction of such a huge sweeping change to how I can play the game. I mean we’re not talking about character balancing, drop rates, or microtransactions here. We’re talking a significant overhaul to the way I (and many others) can even play the game now.

“But it’s the best we have”

Bullcrap. The old system lobbies for Incursion on the PS4 were fine. If anything needed tweaked it was on the ELO logarithm. If this was a way to try and bolster Meltdown/Capture ques and cut down PC wait times then this is not the way to do it.


The old systems did not work. Thats why they got rid of it.

Before two weeks ago you had queue times of 20+ minutes. Broken

With the change two weeks ago they removed ELO based match making and you got grouped with people that didnt know how to hold a controller, much less kill minions/players. Broken

No, but this is a forum. Just posting ‘matchmaking sucks, kthxbye’ doesnt help. Give some options you would like to see instead. You know, try and have a discussion on how to make it better.

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I see no problem at all with what has been implemented aside from the fact I can’t choose my game mode, so why not allow me to que for incursion, meltdown, or capture via ranked or casual…that would be a great fix. Leave the voting for what map you want to play on.

I’ve never even remotely seen 20+ wait time ques for PS4. That sounds like a PC SPECIFIC ISSUE. So no, not “Broken”.

And I don’t know why you think I’m obligated to “offer options” beyond what a little common sense would inform. I’m not interested in a discussion. That’s YOUR expectation. Besides I’m not in a position privy to anything other than my anecdotal experience. Developers have metrics, data, engineering/programming backgrounds, etc. I’m voicing dissatisfaction as appropriate as I can as a customer and a part of the playerbase.

If I order a meal at a restaurant and it comes out tasting terrible, I don’t have a debate with the chef about possible cooking strategies or seasoning tips. I’m not asked to come back to the kitchen, handed an apron, and then throw down on the grill. I say my piece and the restaurant does what they do to make it right.

The math doesn’t work.

Now instead of splitting the player base into 3 (Meltdown, Incursion, Capture).

You would be splitting them into at least four: Casual; 3 (Meltdown, Incursion, Capture)

And up to six: Casual: (Meltdown, Incursion, Capture) ; Competitive: (Meltdown, Incursion, Capture)

Queue times would, in some cases, increase indefinitely.

On the PC, chances are people would never find a game in some modes.


I see your point, I can only speak for ps4 and have never had bad wait times, it’s difficult to balance this out and impossible to please everyone. Would make things much simpler if you could play cross platforms.

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