What happens if i accidently delete a character lore gear?

as title says i’m sure this will happen. is there a way to get it back?

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Mhh I red another despaired topic a week ago from a poor one who sold his OM legendary gear by mistake - so far there was no conclusion if its somehow possible to get it back…

I know you are more than busy, but it seems a rather good question and important issue - dear @JoeKGBX is there something you could tell us in this regard? Would be amazing :heart:

Oh damn … good question. That would be terrible to do.

I dont think you can base on past game;

I just hope they will add a lock mechanic to prevent deleted item.

meanwhile, Do a backup of your save game; so if you delete a item by mistake you can still retreive it from past safe game

But this information is saved on the Servers, online.


I would prefer for Lore items to be unsellable.


You sure about the item ?

Cause unlocking caracter, and stuff is client side

There used to be a problem with people modding loot in Borderlands. (And still is)

The “Always Online” is implemented as an anti cheat measure. I’d doubt Gearbox would like that happening again. Saving the gear info Client Side would definitely allow such things to happen.

its all server side data

Well, for ps4 doesnt seem like that, if you log into another ps4 in your account; you will start with nothing, and if you bring your save data; and use it. and remove the save data, you are at starting point with same account login.

p.s I didnt check the item though but caracter/lore/unlock was has describ above

Atleast for ps4.

If that’s the case I’d like them to go into a special inventory just for themselves. You start out with 39 slots, and currently 25 characters. Granted you can buy more spaces, eventually if you have one for every character that’s practically a whole new page =)

Not a huge deal, but it would be nice if it’s impossible to sell.

Some information is Client side, but some, like the gear, is server side.

I think a good solution would be.

If you sell your item you have a timer of say, 5 minutes to recover it. It would remain in your library but disabled. During this time one of two things happens. You don’t receive the money until the timer has expired or the ability to buy anything is locked as to prevent the possible abuse of selling it to get extra money then recovering it after it’s spent.

Once the timer has expired you can go to the market place where all lore items you have unlocked will appear and you can buy it back for however much they feel is fair.

Not a prefect solution, but it’s an idea.

This just happened with me with Ambra’s :frowning:

Maybe make it so you CAN sell it (some people don’t want it to take up slots/clutter their inventory, fair’s fair), but make a tab in the market to buy back for original sell price.