What happens if you spend your eridium from moxie on the eridium slots before going to crazy earl for the part?

So I have just playing bl3 and I get to the sanctuary quest were you must buy an item from crazy earl with eridium.

Before I did this, just after getting the eridium from moxie, I accidentally played the eridium slots not realizing at first that they took eridium to play and not money.

As far as I could tell you need at least 24 eridium to buy the cheapest thing, and it would be possible that if you played the slots before hand that you would not have enough, and thereby have no means to complete the mission.

So now I am curious if moxie just gives you more, or if you are completely screwed.

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Go take it to earl and find out… no need for us to ruin the surprise :stuck_out_tongue:
Edit. Aparrently im the only 1 not spoiling it… carry on i guess

As I recall, he says something like ‘you ain’t got nothing I want anyway, take the part and get out of here’…

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If you play first time there is a an item worth 1 piece of eridium iirc. If it’s your second playthrough (no matter with new VH or in TVHM) you don’t need to buy anything.
Didn’t tested if you can not buy anything for the first time ever, but it could be just as pointed above.

You dont have to buy anything.


I had already completed the quest but I was worried that I had almost screwed up because my tired brain didn’t realize that one of the slot machines used Eridium instead of money.

That’s good they thought of that though. I would have been hella pissed if I had to farm slot machines for Eridium.