What happens to excess shards in mission?

I have attempted a few solo missions and have the huge amount of shards. what happens to them at the end of the mission? other then gear and bots what ware they used for?

They end up on the island of misfit shards.


nothing they should give us more ways to use them :stuck_out_tongue: as to were they go i like to think they go into the void or something

Convert to credits? For every 1000 shards, give us 100 credits? That would be a good incentive. I normally end up with several thousand shards even after building every turret and buying my gear. I don’t think it would work well in pvp though coz you’d have people ignoring objectives and just shards farming for credits


People would probably do that in pve too.


Yeah, you wouldn’t want anyone getting the shard… :stuck_out_tongue:

OK. so far i see to have a silly surplus of shards. will stop make huge effort to get them.

If the mission has a drone nearby and most do I spend them all on drones

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True. I often forget that other people play pve together :sweat_smile: I’m too used to running solo. They’d have to make shards equally shared then, and I don’t see that happening either

Like Derch, i use all my crystals in drones, as there is a challenge for drones builds

I wish they were quite a bit tougher. though they help when i am solo they die so easily that sometimes i just don’t bother.

npc drones waaay tougher then the ones i can build.

is there gear or skills to make drones tougher?

There is a legendary item called Quartermastery Bin that shares 30% of your shard income with the entire team and generates shards/sec for yourself.

Same as Derch and others, I use all extra credits on drones at the last station, but if you are wearing a generator (useful for advanced defense missions), you’ll still end up with nearly a thousand extra sometimes, as there’s not always a drone station directly nearby. Also, on Algorithm, this isn’t an option as there’s no drone stations after Geoff. I wish they would convert those into mission points or credits after the match.

time to get my staff and omanamracon but i wish they would let us build bots you know the minions like elite bots rocketers and such