What happens to my SHIFT account if I change my gamertag?

In case there are legacy rewards in BL3 like there have been for buying the HC and BL1 GotY edition, I’d like to make sure my SHIFT account stays linked to my Xbox profile.
I’d really like to change my gamertag name but I’m worried that if I do I will basically be restarting my SHIFT account.

I know for a fact this occurs with EA Origins accounts that are linked to Xbox because I changed my GT a few years back and lost all my rewards and had to restart basically.
Just curious if SHIFT works the same was as EA.


Although you use your gamer tag when you initially link your account, behind the scenes it is actually linked to your unique XBox ID. So, changing your gamer tag should not break the link between your XBL and SHiFT accounts, and you should still qualify for any potential rewards that might require such a link.

The same principle applies to PSN and Steam accounts as well. Example:


Thanks for the info. I wonder why EA doesn’t link it to our unique ID numbers… You would think they would easily be able to do this with their vast resources.

The linking process requires that an agreement be in place between the two companies. In addition, I believe Origins accounts existed before GBX Shift did; it’s possible that a different mechanism was in place earlier which did not allow for an easy change.

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