What happens with the Wedding Invitation with the new lvl cap

So with the new level cap will the Wedding Invitation always stay at lvl 53? I find it pretty bad if so, because it’s an awsome gun and also fits into the new DLC(with the quote and name). I hope it will get put to the new Lvl Cap so you can still enjoy shooting it and not just have it in you inventory or safe and just use it when you get to lvl 53.

Probably the hearths event will come back in future…to farm again the weapon.

Nothing, for the time being. They’ll do a broken heart event next year that’ll likely allow you to acquire another one, maybe they’ll give it a drop location eventually or make it so you can get it in the new DLC, but I’m afraid you shouldn’t count on having it on-level for a few months.

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use less op guns that is a great solution i have for ya

same as other event and crew chalange weapons… they are useless and no way to get an other one (except creating new characters for crew chalanges)

Umm I don’t know how to break it to you but it wasn’t OP it was just powerful and capable of effectively using overkill damage, you know like snipers should be able to do.


every fire element gun that can go through true take down m4 shield and armor is stupid

I’ve never tried using the wedding invite in the Takedown without extra elemental damage like corrosive. I imagine it works pretty good with a blast master or mindsweeper though. Still the main thing that makes it viable against Wotan is the critical hit ricochet and his glass breaking both create overkill damage.

Did I miss the wedding invite one shotting Wotan phases like a recursion?
They would be cool.

yea man lets compare it to something even more broken

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So a gun that was put out to set up the new DLC is virtually useless now. Typical Gearbox logic. They are quickly becoming a joke. That gun was the gun that got me playing again. Smfh.

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Yeah, that’s a bummer. Be nice if the rifle that was the hint for the dlc would still be useful for the dlc.

I wish they would allow the use of eridium to level up certain weapons. At least ones you can’t farm for.

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I’m not trying to conflated the two but I can one shot Wotan phases with a scourge, that doesn’t make it OP it’s how the build works.

I just don’t think a sniper with the potential to be good against bosses despite it’s base element makes it OP, it still requires skill and the proper to use in the takedown.

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lvl 55, still rocking a lvl 50 anointed infinity on zane and still melting (or rather freezing) everything that comes on screen…

also found a lvl 52 (found it on 54 weirdly enough) anointed skullsmasher (new sniper) and man…

stacking cryo and pistol damage is WAAAAY to OP xD
now i know what makes this game so boring… it’s not that you need to grind weapons… you just need to grind for a classmod you need (with damage stacks) and an artifact (again, stacking damage)

i’m playing M4 and it feels like i’m playing normal… (every other hunter wich i don’t have high DPS stacks, i have trouble with just staying alive)

i hope they rework the anointed system because it’s just boring… (and it clutters up your inventory)

so… the levelcap doesn’t do much in terms of damage :wink: i hope when Mayhem 2.0 comes around they’ll finaly fixed all of the powercreep…

why is it that in every game you just stack damage and faceroll the game on hardest difficulty (only thing i can’t solo is the true takedown as i’m not used to taking cover in this game hahaha)

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you can faceroll true take down just be amara or zane and take lob with you or recursion

I use it all the time in the new dlc. It still works great at max level m4.

So I played the new DlC a bit and noticed the Wedding Invitation doesn’t need to be put up to max lvl. With the right build on Fl4k i can still 1 shot enemies on Mayham 4(also i noticed that i got an anointed legendary on lvl 57 that still had a lower weapon score than the Wedding invitation) BUT there was another legendary in the broken hearts event the Terminal Polyaimorous which was already underperforming at lvl 53 and will now just be unusable. I hope Gearbox will do something about it but i think they won’t. Also if they would buff the Terminal Polyaimorous it would just seem unfair to not buff the Wedding Invitation and that would make the gun just way to OP imo.

The new jackobs sniper rifle that drop in the DLC is pretty badass too.

While some overpowered weapon sill have some margin to remain good even 4 level under, most weapon don’t.

This 4 level gap is more or less 40% difference in term of damage. My lob went from 7800-8200 at level 53 to 11400 at lvl 57.

This make a huge ■■■■■■■ difference

To be honest, if you want to use the Wedding invitation, go ahead, it still wrecks things in Mayhem 4 level 57. Now I feel it’s more balanced lol
But, with the new snipers in the DLC, you won’t miss it.