What has been your most epic plays in multi player?

As it says: what have been some of the most awesome plays you have pulled off in matches to date?

I was playing playing Montana and my other 2 friends were playing Kleese and rath. We had pushed the opponent to the choke point on overgrowth where there sentry was. Our Kleese says that he is setting up his black hole. I wait the couple of seconds for it to go off and when it triggers I dash forward and pull of a solid multi stun on 3 different opponents. Our rath them proceeds to dreadwind the ever loving hell out of the pulling off a triple kill. It was just fantastic…


I love these

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I had a match today where I was Montana again on monuments. I was doing Monty things, laying down suppressing fire killing thralls with impunity and such. Then I decided to go hunt down a shard on my side of the base next to the double thralls.

On my way to the shard I see the tell tale shimmer of a pendles moving in front of me onto the big shard. I stopped In front of it to shoot at a bit then the pendles decided to uncloak and melee it. It honestly looked like he was dancing underneath it as shards rained down on him in an almost pagan like way.

Then I shoulder charged his ass off the cliff. Hope that shard was worth it… LOL


One of my favorite so far is my buddy and I, and one other guy on mic helping him get Worthy of Song.
Playing Pendles, he ended with 30 kills and 3 deaths. Kelvin is a master at sabotage.
Whenever they started running, I’d sublimate, and had the Shield Web Intricator legendary on, leaving them shieldless. Then Pendles would catch up and finish them off.
And the other guy on mics was running a hybrid Miko, so heals and damage, and he’d jump into thick of enemy territory with us. Was a fun match, though I did feel bad for the other team.

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I’ve been in two different meltdown games where my team was behind ( I mean…waaaay behind) for the entire game and we ended up winning at the very last second by like 1 or 2 points by getting in one final small minion.


My best is 500 to 499. I bought 19 super minions instead of my legendary gear. Wooo


had an incursion comeback today that was pretty grand. oir team and the enemy were well matched, but they had gotten an early push in and hit oir sentry a bit, while we never seemed to be able to push in enough for long enough to do anything. with twenty seconds left, we wiped three of them out, and just dove in on the sentry, dropping everything we had on it, and just barely won, we were laughing about it for quite awhile, because we just didn’t think it was going to work.

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Last night I had my best game with Orendi. I went 26/6/12 in a 3 on 5 incursion (1 character dc at the start and another was spinning in a circle the entire game). We held them off for about 20 minutes until they destroyed our first sentry then I got a triple kill and we took out their sentry and won on tie-break.

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Not my most epic moment but definitely an epic one from yesterday.

We were playing Monuments, they had taken our first Sentry and were applying pressure to our second but no damage yet.

I was Montana.

Had just bought an elite bot + the back Thrall.

While my team was fighting in the middle, I snuck down, solo’d the double Thralls (at this point I literally press Monty right up against them and unload Hailstorm crits directly into their little heads, dead in seconds flat), took them into their base, no opposition, took out their Sentry’s shield and the Sentry itself from behind the rock walk by the turret while it focused fire on the double Thralls, got THEIR Thrall, bought the turrets in their base, and led my 3 Thralls to bring their 2nd Sentry down to 48 brfore their whole team came back and took us out.

They ended up winning in the end by average player score but pulling that off on my own felt sooo good!


I was playing on overgrowth with Montana yet again. Miced up with 2 other friends. We had the craziest caldarius I had ever seen on our team. The dude went like 16/1.

So we were keeping them back pretty well and putting pressure on them. It gets towards the end of the match and manage to lumberjack dash 2 of there guys retreating into the wall of there bunker from the choke point. Then caldarius appears out of no where using his Ariel assault and essentially snipes in with his body for a double kill

Made me really wanna learn how to caldarius


Ive played with Caldy some.

VERY fun.

Gonna have to learn how to use him!

By the way…

Just had a few matches with a skilled Miko backing me up hard.

First time that had happened to mule as Monty.

I felt f*****g GODLIKE.

Ended up getting 22 kills and a ton of assists.

We just CONTROLLED their healing bunker.


Felt so good!

My most hilarious kill…our Rath was 1v1 a Galilea, and was having trouble knocking the last 400 or so health off her, cause she threw her shield to stun. I come in as Orendi using nullify to blind, causing her to raise her shield and start slowly backing away. I drop a SFP behind her, and for good measure, the recovered Rath quick meleed her into the SFP, and launched her with his smash.
It made me laugh out loud.

This one time, I did a shadow fire pillar to a 40ft high let’s bounce Mctwist to a 360noscope pillar with a Pillarstorm finish to kill some d00ds once.


Wish that was the one that we were in together.

I got a quad as El Dragon, and finished the Meltdown match with 30 kills, 5 deaths, 5 Assists, and 40 Minion kills. Vow of Vengeance + Vow of Zealous Fury = Bullsh*t.

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Mine was with Orendi. In incursion, overgrowth my team was pinned against the first sentry the entire game but we had an extremely good defense. This Kleese player and I constantly would kill anyone that dared to come inside but we couldn’t push to the middle. It came down to just over 1 minute left and our sentry was at 2% of health when I cast Orendi’s ultimate and literally one-shooted the entire opponent’s team (5 players) My group finally was able to get out of the base and push to the enemy’s sentry. Killing it in the process and winning the match. Final score 52-50 in our favor.

Playing as Caldy in Overgrowth.

End up in Double Thrall area for some reason

Get filled with regret for being there because Shayne, Miko and show up

Cry a lot, panic, unpanic, back away to my base’s sniper spot.

Shayne so hungry, she pins me to the wall and wails away

Dash in her face, get launched because of lvl 1 helix.

Carefully get vertical second jump. Turns out it’s just enough height to make it back to safety

Scuttle away to supply

Just as planned

You should of won you brought theirs to lower health that is how winner should be judged in that situation (and great job by the way)

Clotheslining out of a minion wave as ED and clipping a weak stealthed Pendles who was crossing the lane for the kill.

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Not my most epic but certainly a satisfying play last night.

Enemy Pendles stealthing into our base on Overgrowth when I spot the shimmer as Toby, double stun headshot kill on invisible Snek.