What has quick match been choosing for you? (Is it truly random?)

So I’ve been playing QM for the past few days after the patch and have tried to keep track of how frequently each mode is chosen. The question I’d like answered is whether QM is electing games randomly, or whether it prefers certain gametypes and/or maps. Hopefully other players can contribute their own experiences so we can work up a distribution of game-choice to work with.

To be upfront with my own take on the new system: I don’t approve. Not only are players (who may all want to play a given gametype) not allowed to choose to do so, but the selection algorithm seems to have no cognizance of which maps are popular and which ones are near-universally panned (I’m looking at you, Echelon).

The developers’ take seems to be that players only have to occasionally slog through a game they don’t want to play in order to play their favored mode, but I’ve only played Meltdown (my preferred mode) twice out of twenty five games. Honestly, with those odds the incentive to play at all feels lower than it should be, and I can’t see myself continuing to queue if that ratio persists. (To put this in perspective, the chances of this happening randomly are roughly one tenth of one percent.)

SO, onto the meat of what I suggest (my own distribution):
Incursion: 8
Face-off: 8
Capture: 5
Meltdown: 2

I empathize with the challenge of organizing the queues and have experienced the strange ways of RNG, so I’m not trying to make any concrete claims or accusations here. Help allay my fears or just use this as a place to complain about your own lopsided mode-distributions by posting your own.

I’ve been getting a good mixture of each except I’ll admit Echelon is picked a lot.

Played 4 games yesterday, one each mode.

I seem to be the only person on the planet who likes playing all the modes. :frowning:

Gamemode choice would be nice, but not with that playerbase (on PC). Votes probably would turn the game into Incursionborn again, but maybe it’s best if only I’m out of public PvP again …

My hope is that if voting was re-implemented, sometimes incursion wouldn’t show up in the choice pool and the vote would be between the other three modes, giving them some play. I also hold out hope that sometimes those present would just prefer another map or gametype and wouldn’t vote incursion (though that obviously wouldn’t be the case often), or maybe they’d prefer playing paradise over echelon, for example.

Alternatively, if they could implement a “veto-ing” sort of model where a choice is presented and players have to decide whether to accept it or roll the dice on another random choice, I think the choices would maintain variability but the preferred modes would inevitably get selected more often. I know this would probably require a major matchmaking rework, however, so it’s relatively unhelpful as a potential solution but I’m not sure what could be done short of that.

I’m just happy to play the game.

From: A PC player

Had a lot of capture and face off though


I feel you there, and hope it doesn’t seem like I’m just trying to disparage the changes that were made, a lot of which were very positive. It makes me happy to see so many new and long-absent faces in game. This is more about satisfying my own curiosity and, maybe in the process, finding a better way moving forward.

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Don’t worry, I get your intention. You can’t please everyone in this game, not even the no preference types like me. :smiley:

Voting always favors the popular modes (basically Incursion/Meltdown), people who want to play the less popular choices almost have no chance to find their gamemode played.

I assume it was switched to random to allow new players to try each mode for themself and build their own opinion and not only blindly follow the votes of the “old folks”.

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It seems pretty random to me, although capture comes up a lot more often than I would like.

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Oh right you can do that now…

Looks like it might be time to upgrade.


we’ll welcome you with open dunks. <3


Good to know I have friends in high places. I’ll need them to shed my pc rust quickly and burst dash like no nemo has burst dashed before.

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I must admit the possibility of you being on PC does terrify me but at the same time I really want to see this Deande in person!


Pc rust! Don’t mind me I’m just a scrub console peasant who can’t aim.


I find that I’ve been getting Capture and Face-Off a lot, with barely any Incursion or Meltdown. Whilst I don’t mind playing any of the game modes, although my personal preference would be Meltdown; playing what seems like several games of Capture/Face-Off on Temples, (as this map seems to be a common reoccurrence for me), gets repetitive fast.


You joined me on Xbox, I’ll join you on PC.

That’s the only way I think I can reliably get competitive meltdown games because we only run into @odiferous_hermit once or twice a month on ps4.

well maybe if we had a full team when we did it wouldn’t end so badly. unfortunately everyone else plays incursion.

Mostly Capture and Meltdown, some face-off and Incursion. So opposite of your results, OP. I like all game modes so I have no issue.

I really like the fact there is no voting now. I love all the modes and maps, but ■■■■■■■■ Overgrowth was starting to get on my nerves. This way, I get to do other modes and actually get a team within minutes. Yay!


so far mostly capture and face off.

had like 1 meltdown game and incursion game

I LOVE MELTDOWN!!! meltdown is so much fun for me as rath, i love rath… something about slicing up people in a shooter game just does it for me <3

The vast majority of the modes picked are capture and face-off. Rarely do I get incursion, my favorite mode, or meltdown, my second favorite mode.

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