What have I been missing out on?

So, like other people (I’m assuming), there are certain Battleborn I hardly ever/never use. Kelvin, Mellka, Toby, WFT and Attikus. Until recently anyway. I haven’t spent enough time with all of the Battleborn listed here, but I have been spending time with Mellka. I never really though I was good with her, I didn’t study her kit enough, I never experimented with her etc. But as of now I have, and she’s crazy fun. Hoping around, applying venom and mowing things down is super fun and I’m kind of regretful that I never spent as much time with her as I should have in the past. I think it’s mainly because she requires a certain level of skill. Knowledge of her kit and practice are required to really make her shine.

My point is, are there any Battleborn that you tend to leave out? Have you ever really tried one out, spent time with it and though “damn, I actually really enjoy this play style. What have I been missing out on?”


Something similar happened to me but with a character that I’ve played a lot of, Rath. For the longest time I built Rath focusing health and damage but recently I’ve decided to capitalize on movement speed with him. It became like I was playing a whole new character and it still amazes me how different a simple change made him so different to me. It opened up a whole new playstyle with him that I quite enjoy. Ever since then I’ve been experimenting with not only new characters but new ways to play my old ones.

Edit: Just remembered that this is actually how I got into playing Kleese as well. I initially tried to see if the legendary gear M.R. Syncho Link was affected by his rifts and I could make an unkillable old man build. Turns out it wasn’t and I failed miserably with that build and decided I didn’t like Kleese right then and there. Later I wanted to experiment with a pure Builable Cost set up. Blue Wrench, Zero cost collector and another piece to reduce buildable cost.

Ended up going with Kleese for the theme of deployables stacked with buildables and I had a blast with it. Power leveled every single game and crushed my enemies with him, I called the build Capitalism but later renamed it to Donald Trump. Later I tried out Overloaded Mortars for the first time and then realized I could make a build around those. I played him as a glass cannon doing 1200+ damage on a skill that has a 10 second cooldown. Some of the most fun games I’ve ever had.


During the Beta I thought whiskey was trash.
He quickly became my bae though after I really started to play with him. His lore legendary is also my favorite legendary piece in the game. Isic also became a quick favorite after trying him out some more.

Otherwise the characters I don’t really like to play as have remained as so even after being 99% through mastering the cast.

Though then there’s Shayne, who is an interesting one - I like her character and kit, but I don’t really enjoy the gameplay. Simply because I really dislike slow attack speeds and I don’t really feel like just stacking attack speed is an effective way to play her.

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My life changed many months ago when I started using a shield build Deande with calculated risk. It was like my eyes had been opened for the first time in like ever. Never looked back since. <3


Ghalt. I played him recently for the operations, and I don’t mind his changes. His stun is gone, but now it’s a VERY heavy slow, so they actually get hit by all the scrap bombs. They also buffed his shotgun damage, so it actually FEELS like a shotgun.

He’s rad now, even though on paper, he should be f*cking terrible.

I still think his traps should be a root rather than a stun or a slow.


Every single battleborn can become something dif with diff hélix choices and gear.

Kelvin you can max your hp and get hélix focused on extra hp and life steal.
Skill dmg and get the slow and chomp combo with ever 4 hits slow and Brut boots.
Max regen with regen helix.
Max shield with shield regen.
Damage reduction stacking.

Looks like the same but you need to change your play style.


Tanky Phoebe surprised me. I always thought DPS was the way to go, until I had a duel against an enemy Phoebe (She had Boots of the Brute Pre-Nerf, VoV, and VoZF) while I was Tanky Phoebe and I ended up winning most of our engagements. It was amazing. Never realized she had such a strong jaw.


I was the same way with Mellka and even Shayne and Aurox to an extent.

You really should go for the challenge in each dlc where you complete at 100 OPs with each character.
Attikus and Reyna in the Attikus dlc are a trip and playing as Toby in the Toby dlc is kinda whack, but fun.

Your missing some Dragon in your life. :stuck_out_tongue:

gotta nip this in the bud before Mellka becomes meta, lol.

Dragon and Ghalt, haven’t played either since beta and don’t ever intend to, I just don’t like them.

Attikus before the first patch, what I call the “CC nerf”. He was hard to use, being so massive and slow, nothing can miss you and everything blocked your path, this was back when there was friendly collision too. Ever had an Attikus/Montana/Kleese combo back then? You’d all die simply because you’d get stuck on each other. Anyway, playing as Attikus against literally any ranged character was rough, but if you could time those Pounces just right you could 100-0 literally anyone, and his ult was capable of shutting down a whole lane while your teammates killed everyone who was being juggled, it was great against enemies trying to escape too as you’d essentially lock them into place. He actually became one of my favourites for a time, but those days are long gone now…

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You’re definitely missing out by not playing Attikus.
He has excellent waveclear, excellent DPS, excellent survivability, excellent control, excellent biceps… you get the idea.

His sprinting Charged Hook is an amazing initiator and very good for chasing. If someone is running, you can either chase themy with repeated Charged Hooks, sprinting during Hedronic Eruption (while also slowing at full charges), or slowing them with Pounce (level 2 helix). There isn’t much getting away from an Thrall.

His DPS is through the roof with Tenacity and Swift Strikes. Great for wave clear and assassination. Attikus excells at ganking and saving his allies while they are under attack. Sprint out of nowhere and slam someone for massive damage with your Charged Hook, then melt them with your follow-up combo.

He’s also very hard to beat in 1v1s. I’ve only ever had trouble with Galilea in a 1v1.

…and not to metion his ult does 1,400 damage at level 5 and a whopping 3,800 at level 10 with his left helix. Did I mention his ult also slows?


If I was aware he could sprint while charging, I think I would’ve been far more successful in the past. My Problem with attikus is that he feels too squishy for a defender. Maybe it’s because of his damage potential, or because I’m just crap with him :unamused:


I’ve made my feelings on attikus clear before lol. without being pocketed by support, he is pretty low tier

I’ve never played Montana. And I refuse to. I’ve always excelled at timing and positioning, so why wouldn’t he be great for me? He would be. I refuse


You need to flank, deal some dmg and pounce away, lvl 5 when he can survive almost every encounter.

Attack speed is amazing, you need like 1 second to meltdown someone and run away.


I tried to build around life steal but i didnt have any succes… Pounce is an amazing tool to run away, over walls and battleborns.

I’m exactly the same. I previously used the life steal helix on burst dash but recently switched to calculated risk. Bursting people down from full health is fun.


He does feel very squishy. I recommend a rare damage reduction item to help keep you alive. Also, a rare sprint speed to help initiate as well as escape.

Oddly, he doesn’t fit exactly into a single role. He isn’t exactly a defender, per say. He is very versatile, with a combination of high survivability, excellent wave clear, and very good assassination potential.

He has the most base health out of any character in the game, but also one of the biggest hitboxes. His feels squishy at first, but then you learn how to use Pounce as an escape better and you’ll rarely die in most engagements.

I thought the same about Montana for a long time, then I learned to play him properly. It’s the same situation with Attikus.


He just struggles early game. His late game is why I consider him a hyper carry.