What Have They Done To Maliwan Weapons?!?



Means the bullet you fire instantly hits, and has no travel time, therefore no need to aim ahead of a moving target. All maliwan guns fire projectiles that are not hitscan, with the exception of the beam ones.

As a side note, none of the guns are really hitscan in borderlands, it’s just that most of them fire bullets that are so fast that they might as well be. But over large distances you can notice the finite speed of bullets. The beam weapons are the exception.

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Thanks for clarifying!

I like the beam weapons, but am disappointed by other varieties.

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I was thinking maybe without the delay - the weapons would be too good?

Just speculating, but maybe this is their way of balancing the pros of the brand and encourage use of others

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I thought I would be the only one who felt this way. The delay just seems off to me. It messes up my timing as I play a very aggressive way. I was like maybe I just need to git gud, but as often as I tried, I couldn’t get with the charge up time.

It’s a shame, as I wanted to explore synergy with Maliwan and Moze’s Demolition Woman tree just for fun. When I run full Torgue, everything in sight gets flattened, but with Maliwan being my favorite in BL2, I had very high hopes for them to be an equal alternative. It could be too early to tell, but I definitely feel as a brand they took steps back.

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I’ve found a few different Maliwan weapons with a bunch of modes of fire. A shotgun that did the charge and shoot an AoE ball, an SMG that shot little slower moving red fireballs, shotguns and SMGs that have a slight charge delay but then auto fire as most other weapons. The latter are the ones I keep, the rest I sell off.

I’ve found the best Maliwan weapons to use are the SMGs and shotguns due to their high rates of fire or number of pellets make the elemental effects occur more quickly. They generally do more damage per second as well.

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from best manufacturer in previous games, maliwan became the worst manufacturer for me.


There are players that like straightforward point-shoot-kill weapons, and there are the players who like guns that feel different when used.

I’m in the second camp. I like using guns that have a different tempo, a particular “feeling”, etc., that’s what makes a bazillion guns worth having.

Yes, this means guns are suited for different situations.

I had the chance to use a Maliwan shotgun recently.
The charge up delay did mean I was missing the first 1-2 shots because by the time it started to fire the enemies were backflipping and cartwheeling out of the way.

Ok, so I figured the gun must have a quirk to make up for the delay. And sure enough, they do frikkin’ splash damage and lots of it. I’m sure I was losing a precious [sarcasm] 4 DPS or whatever because of the charge up delay, but the splash and DoT more than make up for it. The small charge delay makes it feel like a weapon that has a trick up its sleeve, and it does.

This is another fundamental difference between the two camps mentioned at the beginning.

I prefer a gun that offers a quirky entertaining experience over raw damage numbers. It’s no surprise that I rarely use Dahl guns because those are point-shoot-kill weapons. They’re boring to me. Maliwan isn’t my favorite manufacturer, but the guns are interesting to use and offer eye candy.

I could easily get two headshots with a Dahl and kill a Bandit in a second, or I could lob a few Maliwan blasts into a crowd and watch them melt and scream and run off a cliff lmao.

And if the argument is purely “I don’t like the new way they work”, then use guns from a different manufacturer that makes weapons that align with your preferred playstyle.

We’ve all got our particular fetish, and this game is particularly good at scratching that itch.

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Well said, sir.

I absolutely agree.

I’d consider myself a novice at Maliwan allegiance in BL3 (got a level 43 Amara doing it now). I love 'em, but here are my thoughts:

  • I miss launchers, but the shotguns are no joke. Some you charge, some you don’t, some have burst fire, most (all?) have dual elements. Some have great knockback too, and watching enemies die some elemental death as they fly through the air is hard to beat.
  • I love the SMGs too: the beams (Quasars, I think) are satisfying to use (glad these made it past TPS), but there are still what amount to plasma casters (Pulsars, with charge, without, whatever).
  • The sniper rifles seem to have more of a Maliwan feel to them than just being a regular sniper rifle with high element stats. Ones that don’t hold a charge (fire immediately when charged), or are otherwise not semi-auto aren’t my favorite, but there are some that will fire with a single trigger pull and will let you charge/hold a shot for more splash/element/whatever damage. Those are wonderful.
  • Their pistols seem like a set of SMGs with an alternate ammo pool? Not that there’s anything wrong with this, but some are beams, some are charge, full/semi auto, etc. The Starkiller has my heart at the moment.

With all the possible choices, I find it hard not to stumble across something that’s not great for combat. I have only a handful of their red-text offerings, but haven’t found one that I would consider uncharacterically Maliwan (like they’re just better/prettier versions of their stock stuff).

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I like the Maliwan terminator shotguns. Hold the trigger down and it is auto fire. I don’t like the others. Hold, one shot. Hold, one shot. I can’t stand that.

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Some interesting points and I agree that variety is a good thing. However I also see where some of the complaints are coming from as Maliwan has had arguably the biggest change of all the manufacturers and for those who liked them in previous games that’s quite a big pill to swallow

That is true, the other manufacturers kep their same drawbacks for the most part, like Jakob still has high recoil and semi-auto (most of them) but they added the ricochet on top of that, some a person who liked Jakobs before will probably find them even better. Maliwan on the other hand got a big added gimmick that was not here before.

Personally, the only regular use I got from them is when bullet damage gets more than one penalty in MH3, the damage and splah per se are worth the wind, but I just find them unconfortable to use.

For players who aren’t thrilled with Maliwan’s new mechanics, for sniper rifles, do try a Proton Rifle. Single button presses will fire a shot like a normal rifle, but they also let you hold the trigger to charge a shot which won’t fire until you let go (for some bonus splash and the like)… as close to a ‘traditional’ Maliwan sniper as I think we’ll see? (I’m pretty sure that’s the name… will confirm when I find another.)

edit - Proton Rifle is the type.

In BL3 Maliwan is a D*** company. The guns reflect that. :stuck_out_tongue:

That said I do still like them, even the shotguns. They certainly aren’t good in all circumstances but the D.O.T.S. they applied are some of the best in game. Dead useful at times. Most of their weapons now need a different play style to use them. Against Katagawa’s Big Ball I used a corrosive pistol that had a decent charge up period. I would hide behind something and then jump out a spew my shot all over that Big Ball. Very effective.

Everything has a time and place. Though I do agree that their weapons, in general, are the most different from what we knew in BL2.

What is nice about Maliwan sniper rifles is that you can hold the trigger to charge shot, release to fire, light up a bandit from distance, and watch it spread radiation to all of his friends

I’m definitely not a fan of the charge up “feature” but they still have their uses. I’ve got a shotgun that launches a ball and while it’s annoying to wait to fire the resulting damage is pretty impressive.

Personally, I don’t like the charge up, 1 shot Maliwan weapons at all, aside from the sniper rifles, but the charge up, full auto fire weapons with high elemental Chance and damage are fun to melt slower moving targets with, especially with an elemental build Amara.

at 1st I hated the new Maliwan but now I love them on my Amara… any character they are great really.