What have they done to Phoebe

Okay I get it Phoebe was strong in the closed technical test but due to her losing her stun and overshield she has lost so much in PvP.
I think she either needs the return of her overshield or her stun but not both because I get the combination of both was stupidly strong or at least make it so her silence is for hitting blade rush rather than having to hit blade rush then land your full combo.
she easily loses duels to any other melee character. I have even been losing fights in melee range when it was just auto attacks being used.
I have only met 1 other Phoebe in the open beta and they struggled as much as I did in fights.

I don’t know what other Phoebe mains think, or other people in general.
Would love to her thoughts on the matter!

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Phoebe does not need a single buff. I played her for ~17 hours in the early access preview (just ended before the open beta started) and she’s incredibly good, especially when you get her mutations. She starts off weaker in her first few levels (1-4) but starts to ramp up in damage massively after that. If you pick up attack speed and attack damage gear with her, the DPS is absolutely insane.

Using her Phasegate properly is essential to playing her well. Phoebe is not like Rath in that she can just dive in and rip everyone to shreds. You need to be hyper-aware of your surroundings and play smart. You have to learn who you can and cannot solo, when to silence, engage, escape, and use her ult. She’s not an easy character to play right off the bat. (I didn’t do well with her at first either. It took me a bit to get the hang of her.)

Thanks man really helpful! I will stick with her so!

When i first played her she just sucked… like really couldnt do ■■■■… that was the moment i fell in love, a class requiring practice :wink: my last game i had 14 kills 4 deaths :smiley: D

They ■■■■■ her with the nerf hammer is what they did. How can you possibly gauge the effect of a nerf if you nerf every single aspect of a character at once? The nerf was heavy handed. But your always gonna have “git gud” players stroking their epeens out in public.

Dr_Kleese is correct as Phoebe still has her insane single target damage and mobility. No need to bash someone when they are trying to help. If you are having problems playing her since her nerf it would be better to ask for advice to help you improve with her would it not?

Phoebe can easily take on people in 1v1’s but she has the advantage during 6 seconds, if that time passes up you have to retreat or you’ll most probably be the loser of this duel.

She needs a little attack damage buff cuz now I feel like I’m poking people instead of stabbing them with a sword.
I got angry that they removed her stun, yeah, of course it was op, but it was hard to land. I gets my gears going even more when I see all these characters getting free direct on impact stuns, like Galilea, Shayne, Toby, Miko, ISIC… should I keep going?

Phoebe is an assassin so why do her helix have a damage reduce 30% on basic attack for 3 seconds, and a sheild boost of 240 and sheild recharge of 105 per second. She assassin should not have in her helix tank perks.

I still do well with her but there are too many situations that even with all of the advantage, it’s not enough to do the job. she needs to be given something back. not everything, but something. or maybe a base damage boost. a nerf was needed, but they over reacted.

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people cried, grearbox caved. they should have payed attention to the command rank 90 and up players against each other and made adjustments based on those alone. sure, when i went into games where everyone on my team was at least lvl 30, and maybe a team or two of two players against all solo players with maybe an 18, we wrecked them uncontrollably. But that would have happened regardless of who we picked. I was an incredible phoebe in the test. But if i ran against high command rank, competent players, they countered me quite well and i had to play incredibly tactically. Late game against competent players, oscar mike absolutely dominated games, but no one said a word about nerfs. He cleared minions better than any character and got his levels. Could he 1v1 a phoebe like level 3 against level 3? No, but should he have been able to? Not if he was caught slipping. Late game the story would change. Level 7-10 oscar mike was a freaking force, phoebe or not.

Now people are crying for other nerfs, and probably rightfully so. Like i said before, all they needed to do was make all the characters available like galilea, and maybe buff a few guys and we would have an awesome game. Nerfing is almost never the answer. In this case all it did was create vacuum.

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Just because she now takes skill doesn’t mean she’s bad

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Well the reason she has those skills is for PVE. Without them I feel like she just melts to all the crazy dmg that things do in that mode…

True,but it gives her an unfair advantage in pvp.She an assassin shes ment to melt ,but also she should also be the melter.

well it does give her some tankiness but if you choose that helix skill you miss out on crosscut which i think is a massive portion of her burst damage. It basically makes the player choose whether they want to be slightly tankier to deal more hits(and in some cases not get the kill and have to escape) or to go all or nothing and either get the kill or die.

Buffing may seem the better option, but it may lead to those characters to have an unfare advantage. I see games do it before making underpowered characters op. To put it simlpe its easyer to nerf 1 op character than buff 2 underpowered characters, but of corse I am not a game designer so this a matter of opinion.

I get were your coming at, but other assassin dont have it and they do just fine. It just does not seem fitting for her class. Instead may be they should replace them for perks that help her escape ability.

Phoebe is fine. She is in a great place. I main Phoebe right now and I have no problem going on 10 plus killstreaks, having most kills, most shards, most buildables and sometimes most minions on my team. You just have to play her like an Assassin. She is not a Bruiser. Teleport behind, stab, assess if you will gfet a kill or not, commit or retreat.

I have stuck with Phoebe and the 1st reply by dr_kleese is correct, once you get gear and go down the right helix path you will be crushing anyone in a 1v1, I have been having way more fun with Phoebe in the beta than in the technical test, you just need to get gear and you will be fine with her!

The removal of her stun is super unwarranted given she had to still hit the opponent with a certain move afterwards to even get it and now like half the new characters have free auto stun moves. The other nerfs I can understand but the stun removal was dumb.