What have you done for launch preparations?

Curious as to what other people have done or are doing to prepare for BL3 launch.

My case I’ve planned out all meals for the next week and a half, making sure I have all ingredients needed and that all recipes can be completed start to finish in 15 minutes or less. I’ve also acquired 50 gallons of Mt Dew Gamer Fuel. Lastly I’m using some of my paid time off since I really hadn’t done so during the year resulting in currently being over the max allowed to carry over until next year. I’m actually still over that limit but will probably use more when the new Pokémon Games release in Nov.


Currently fighting with site support from which I ordered the game to finally be able to recieve the key -_-

Absolutely nothing. Just waiting for it to arrive while dealing with unexpected headaches I didn’t want happening.

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Quit my Job
Divorced my Wife
Started Fasting
Stocked up on MONSTER Energy Drinks and spiked them with RedBull
AND Estranged myself from my Family

I think I’m ready.


Bought a new PC and a 5.1 soundsystem, also i took 2 5 week off.

Made arrangements to spend the night at my cousin’s. I’m bringing the game, he has the snacks and the big tv.

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Mad Max Movie Marathon on Thursday ! ! !


I’ve been drinking 2 gallons of cranberry juice every 12 hours for the past week to exercise my bladder and eating 2 pounds of fiber daily to exercise my intestine

if my calculations are correct, i should be able to sit in front of my monitor for at least 12 hours straight without having to take a bio break


(only joking folks, do not attempt to consume that much fiber/cranberry juice. most likely send you to the e.r.)


I sold my family to a shepherd in Guam. I will use this money to fund an automatic pizza delivery RE-UP system. I will also have bedroom window access for the delivery guy. I have a months worth of Depends adult Diapers sitting right here next to me. I filled the cats food bowl up and then just poured the rest of the bag in the middle of the floor.
If everything goes as planned i will not have to ever leave the room until i am satisfied that i have thouroughly experienced Borderlands 3.


i rented an extra flat, so i can play and not be disturbed by my kids and wife all the while i prented to be at work

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Accidentally booked a holiday in Scotland from tomorrow.

Literally the worst planning I’ve ever done.


I am Batman

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I picked up a new computer chair. Can’t underestimate the importance of a comfortable chair for extended periods of computer gaming.


I bought the game. Nothing more needed to be done. It even downloaded on its own.

A visit to Scotland cannot be “bad” - it would be a contradiction in terms.

/Gunz McHamish

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Not saying it’ll be bad, just that it’s not Pandora!

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Anywho, on topic: I’ve been getting the salad, the dressing, the quinoa and the broccoli stew - and am thinking about perhaps a dessert, if we can manage?

Wait, what … not about lunch preparations?!

i dont need to got to scotland, i have my own piece of scotland


What, nobody flew to New Zealand to play it first?


Oh man awesome thread, was going to post one myself. I’m loving some of the replies too. For me i cleaned inside my xbox since it was over due plus cleaned the entertainment center. Got a new chair that’s more comfortable for the long haul. And lastly scheduled some days off from work to get my fix.

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