What have you done for launch preparations?

Luckily, I’m retired. I’m thinking about giving my kids the day off from school on Monday so we can play together. We each have our own PS4 set up in the “Gaming Room”.
We’ll be setting our animals free into the wild for the weekend where they can fend for themselves. JK! The wife will be taking care of them. She’s a prior gamer and understands. :slight_smile:
Meals have been prepped and frozen already. Mostly healthy stuff, but there will be plenty of chips and soda to go around. This weekend is going to be crazy!

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  • Built new PC
  • Bought new 1440p/144hz monitor
  • Bought 2 t-shirts - “Maliwan” and “Hyperion”
  • Took 2 days vacation
  • Told my wife to leave me the f*** alone for 4 days
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I’m laughing so hard, Thanks!

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Been playing through Duke Nukem’s tour in Bulletstorm in hopes that he’ll be a surprise DLC character down the road. I hate Vault Hunters

In preparation I have played through BL1 GOTY (completing everything), BL2 (started new character and finished all 3 playthroughs + DLC’s, prestiged BAR 2 times, and hit LVL Cap.), BL:TPS (Finished playthrough 1, working through TVHM currently.) Did the preload Tuesday evening when it became available at 9PM. Tonight I will be playing at 9PM and not planning on going to bed until the small hours. I took Friday off from work. Sleeping for maybe 4-5 hours and then playing through til Saturday morning. Break for some sleep. Then back at it til sometime Sunday Evening around 9PM. Then back to normal work schedule. I have snacks stockpiled and at the ready so I don’t have to leave the couch other than bathroom breaks.

Yeah, doh, facepalm, double Picard, etc.

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Bought this monitor:

Im playing with a group of guys from Tactical Gaming. We have a big launch event planned with several streamers.
To join us

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Took 15 days off work. Told my wife I will spend 2 of said days with her of her choosing (except Friday and Saturday). Had sex like a rabit on extacy( that’ll keep her quite for a bit). Built a nest of blankets and pillows in my game room. Now repeatedly checking the timer as if it will make it work faster.


I farmed a Cobra as my last act in bl2. The last item I needed, took 7 hours 43 mins, over the course of a week, worked it out at approx 6,790 burner enemies killed that being a conservative estimate.

playing Control. Nothing like Borderlands but awesome

Earlier this year: replayed Bl1, 2 and finished the Pre-Sequel. I’m ready

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Control is cool. I love it.

T-2 hours. The only thing I did (besides preloading on XBOX): found an old Claptrap Tshirt (“Heloooooo Traveler!”), signed by David Edding. It mysteriously shrunk in few years since I got it at PAX East, but it should still work and add to the experience :slight_smile:


Not gonna lie, I’m currently wearing the Buttstallion shirt.