What have you done? >:O fix Homeworld!

Homeworld was one of the games that was above and beyond in terms of strategy. it was a very tactical game. A lot of vets in multiplayer compared it to chess. No game did what home world accomplished even to this day. What should have happened for Homeworld to grow is to put out add-ons instead trying to recreate the gameplay in Homeworld 2. It was a flop. Homeworld 2 is a step backwards. Any gamer that gave Homeworld a chance and became decent at the game understood the game mechanics and knew this game is something special.

Now HW:R doesn’t work. Fighters don’t hold formation. I won’t even get into corvettes… just plain awful.
Original homeworld had great battles and now in the remastered version a few seconds later its all over. :frowning:
Why can’t support frigates use magic beam? So what it’s not realistic. It added more depth to the game. They had to be micromanaged to heal frigates or corvettes
so you could actually last longer and if done right you could actually get the upper hand in battles even if you had less ships.

Now nothing works.

  • goes in a corner and cries*




Um… do please come out of the corner…

Well, uh… in all fairness, the ‘magic beam’ thing was because they couldn’t get the beam to work with their engine, not because it was unrealistic.

But yea. I’m really disappointed in Gearbox here. I mean, it’s awesome that this is released and I’ve had fun with it, but the game isn’t currently complete. It simply isn’t. And I’m not terribly happy to have paid $30 for an incomplete game and then have to wait a month or longer to get it all patched up to how I would personally expect a freshly complete game to be. I would’ve much rathered Gearbox delayed for another month. I mean, we’ve got PAX East and Gearbox is going to that one, they could’ve just announced it there. But oh well…

What I’m trying to say is that I know that bugs are inevitable, but I can’t help but feel that some of the bugs I see are inexcusable. I know, I know, some people are going to dogpile all over me talking about how I’m just whining over minor issues. But I’m not, and these aren’t minor. There’s a reason I haven’t touched HW1RM since last week. Not just because of the ‘meh’ balancing job either.

tl;dr: I’m extremely happy to see this release, but with their apparent attitude towards game releases, I’m never pre-ordering another Gearbox game and I’m definitely going to be thinking twice about buying anything else from them - especially very soon after release.


This is exactly how I feel about the game. It should NEVER have been released in its current state. We are beta testing the full game for them, which is a joke. I’m all for testing and ironing out minor bugs for a complete game, but as you said, these issues are not minor. It’s like they didn’t beta test the game at all.
To say I’m miffed is putting it mildly.


but sadly we always keep buying so the industry now just doesnt care they release the game at working condition and patch everything else later

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Ok just been playing it - and for the most part enjoying it.

However agree with the comments in the main. Thing is the issues aren’t missing because they’ve been improved upon, they’re just not there. And as HW1 was so perfect in the first place, clealry playtested a lot and balanced etc it’s a real shame as it’s a lesser game without them.

In the four hours I’ve played before AVG decided to delete the exec file (now waiting for it to reinstall…sigh) these are my points (not in order of importance).

1: Formations - clearly not working.
2: Repair - clearly not working.
3: Fighters/corvettes seem pretty ineffective now.
4: Harvesters don’t seem to be able to find RUs and constantly stop and sit there before I click on them and press H.
5: Bit easy in most cases - what’s happened at Kadash? I remember this being a white knuckle ride in the original.
6: Mission one - can’t repair cryo trays so impossible not to lose one. ‘Captured’ all frigates, none were ‘captured’.
7: x stay docked. Yes it would be nice if this remained active past a hyperspace. Then my fleet of attack bombers wouldn’t have launched and lined up and died almost instantly while the game was talking to me and stopping me giving orders… Then again I only built them to shoot up the Kadeshi mothership so it didn’t ram my capital ships like in the original. Only in remastered the Kadeshi motherships just sit there and die (unless they’re immortal until you trigger a cutscene or similar… did anyone playtest this shizzle?)#
8: Captured Taidan carrier early doors. After it was launched by Mothership a squadron of taidan fighters launched from it and just sat there. And it doesn’t seem able to build anything… all good…

This is not to say it’s in any way a disaster - just niggles which add up to it not being as good as the original - which is sad as the original’s 10+ years old now - and my all time favourite game.


I’m sure they can make the support frigate beam to work again. The harvest collectors use a beam so how difficult can it be to add it to the support frigate to heal capital ships and corvettes and each other. Few lines of code and done.

How can the devs strip Homeworld of all the goods and be happy with the release. I wonder. :confused:


Personally, I’m exorbitantly happy that GBX AND BBI (which, by the way, is mostly comprised of original Homeworld Devs) brought back the game at all. Period.

Let’s show a little more gratitude. GBX could have let the IP sit around on a shelf for another 16 years. Let’s be happy it’s out and that they’re actively working on it so it can conform to our rabid expectations. This is not a one-and-done release.



No, what they did is they gave HW1 resource collectors a fancy effect on top of HW2 harvesting behavior to make it look slightly less like HW2 harvesting behavior.

Yeah, most of the behaviour is down to the HW2 engine. Which while graphically more advanced and infinitely more modern, from a gameplay standpoint it lost a lot of the touches that made the original game so unique. Things like ships that aren’t piloted by kittens, intent on getting themselves into bother or ignoring your commands.

HW1’s ships acted like a team and they all had a sensible logic to them (guarding, healing and formations all just worked as you would hope they would) while HW2 felt like the pilots had been replaced with cats. They just wander off and do their own thing and need constant micromanaging to stop them from dying, which is ironic considering the raft of changes Relic made were intended to minimise micro.


Honestly - can somebody make a ‘cats as pilots’ Mod?!

  • selects units and assigns them to group 1
  • ‘Mr Fluffy joining group one, meow’


  • selects mothership
  • ‘Meowship’


  • starts HW1 mission 03
  • ‘The yarn is gone, the dogs took all of our yarn…’

mission 3 you can save all cryotrays its just really ■■■■■■■ hard XD, took me a couple retries


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I couldn’t have liked this post any faster than I did

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Sajuuk as a giant laser-pen: Only way to make them actually follow an objective.


On this, I assume KerrAvon means mission 3, and it depends on how many Assault Frigates the game spawns for the mission due to your fleet size. I only had two spawn on my play-through, and it was relatively easy for me to get a flight of salvagettes to lock down the frigates before they could destroy one of the cryo trays.

I personally didn’t mind the fact the ships were ‘consumed’ on return to the Mothership- at least they give you the resources of the captured vessels for that mission. Better than capturing that Carrier that was also mentioned and not being able to retire it until you’ve jumped with it in your fleet.

Yes meant mission three - on my run through there were four frigates and the first cryo died very quickly. The frigates were ridiculously easy to capture tho. (and get the rus for obv).

They had already delayed it a few months from November. I for one appreciate not waiting longer.

If it had been “perfect” then we’d be waiting out still like May or something.

i just steal the cryo and distract them with fighters

Transfer the classic homeworld on the HW2 engine, unfortunately turned into a complete catastrophe for this unique game. This cannot be allowed, because at one point Gearbox destroyed epic game, also with hopes of many people who have long been waiting this remake.
I think it was necessary to restore the old engine, or not to do a remake of the first game at all.