What have you done with these maps?!

I’m only here to complain about one thing. Despite the beautiful design and reputable Borderlands mechanics, there are multuliple issues I would like to talk about in BL3… However, there is a single-most, aggrevating-as-■■■■, flaw in the BL3 open-world. Navigating throughout each map is a nightmare. I am currently only a lvl 16 character, and each multi-layer map is becoming a game-breaker. Why should you have to look through a topographical map, into the deeper layers… Through each layer?! I play on PS4, and this has become enough of a piss-off for me to send you guys a bitchy message. Please, for the love of Randy, fix the ■■■■■■■ maps. Kisses


I dont get the issue here

Who is Whitney and why do you want them dead?

I assume they mean whitney from pokemon and her miltank that will rollout your whole team to death

At first I HATED it.

But I stuck with it and honestly without the varied layers of topography actually being visible and zoom-in-able and rotatable and spinnable and being able to see that an entrance to a location or mission marker is actually in a sewer that runs UNDERNEATH where the map marker is shown to be from above is RIDICULOUSLY helpful!


the only issue I have is that the maps are a bit finicky, but thats all



Yeah, I can’t argue with that!

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I got used to it and like it. The snaping to fast travel sucks. A really gearbox please mark north!


I think the multi-layer map is a valuable asset and have gotten used to utilizing it to great effect. What really irritates me tho is the fact that the map ALWAYS has a different orientation every time I open it which requires me to zoom out and/or rotate a lot to get my bearing. After I dont know how many hours this feels like a complete waste of time.

I mean you can set up the mini-map to rotate with you or display a fixed orientation. Why cant we have the same for the map?


Did u play Borderlands 2 or 1? The maps are terrible… in BL3 the maps are great, and actually traversable :smiley:


I am not talking about the map themselves. I consider the maps in BL3 a considerable ramp-up in visual quality and utility allowing 3D rotating. My gripe is with the fact that whenever I go into the map it has a different orientation forcing me to waste time in order to re-orient myself and as such finding something “quickly” this map system doesnt help with