What I have left is here just pst if you need anything

I have to trade
Breath of the dying
Hawt dayumned sawbar
Exacting devoted
Burning vulgar alchemist
Cash-infused brainstormer
Dangerous superball
Rough rider
The Transformer
And a host of just normal legos and a few other anointed

im assuming you’re looking for anointed versions?

what are the anointments on the facepuncher and brainstormer?

Ya if possible but I am open to anything tbh
Face puncher has next two Magaz do 50% additional bonus corrosive damage
cash-infused is 15% life steal

i have a lucians i can give you right now for it otherwise give me a few hours and ill see what i can put together,

Ok just hit me up if you manage to get anything else if not I’ll just trade you for the one you have

What did u need

what;s your epic name?

Ice spiker deathless, storm front, lucians those are the main three I am interested in

Give me your epic name


Ive added u

But dont see u online

Pretty sure i have a Lucian’s call and Storm front if you got a Rowan’s call Shock or fire

Unfortunately I don’t sorry

Hey if you still have the superball I’m interested. Just let me know what you are looking for currently and maybe I will have it. Thanks