What i hope to see in January patch

most important > least important

Control fix , add option for acceleration and scaled zoom sensitivity , currently sniper so hard to use because sensitivity is base off 360 distance and were supposed to have lower sensitivity for higher zoom

Guardian rank on off
Increase performance because the inventory lag still present
Fix drop rate
Rework skill tree , community have pointed out some skill are completely worthless
Add annointment reroll

Hope gearbox can fix these issue so the game can be more enjoyable


Things I’d like to see?

Bug fixes. Not just ones that people are complaining about because they cause a hinderance or difficulty but also ones being exploited like fakegrasping and +element damage anointments causing certain weapons to spawn more projectiles than they should before someone in content creation starts scaling game content based on power gained by players using exploits.

Season 4 VIP rewards?

Maybe make everything acquired with Mayhem 4 active have an anointment if possible just to quiet some of the complainers saying non anointed items in M4 are unusable.

Maybe apply the rates used for dedicated drops in the DLC to the bosses and rare spawns in the main game? Again this is just to quiet some of the complainers on this board.

Moxxi cocktails like we had in TPS on her bar counter on sanctuary.

More SDU’s Bigger bank is nice. I wouldn’t mind a couple more upgrades to the lost loot machine backpack or heavy ammo tbh.


Bring back Vermivorous the Invincible spawning if we play poke the Varkid too much.


Just bug fixes , mainly skills that aren’t working as intended if at all. I’m a Moze main and some skills that are supposed to work with IB still dont work.

Other that that I feel like the game is finally starting to feel like a finished product rather than the beta we all had to suffer through since release .


Menu lag sucks.


Reworking some of Moze’s skills so she has more than one sustain skill…


Do we know which weapons do this? I thought it was just the recoursion

For what i know the Lyuda used to have the same problem.
Dunno what weapon does this rn tho

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I know the Lyuda used to simply have a 4th hidden projectile, but they removed it.

Remove Denuvo (can’t speak specifics on this forum, but let’s say it lost its purpose, so why keep it…).

Any weapon that creates extra projectiles on impact will spawn extra pellets.

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Hm. Brainstormer might be benefiting from this glitch then. Might explain why it’s so good with ASE


Another vote to improve the menu lag - including the Windows 2000 speed of reading character profiles… Seriously WTF?

Console controls to lower graphics to improve FPS.

More anointed drops in M4 would be appreciated.

A Raid boss - with a sliding difficulty scale - one which you can start on balanced for 1, and go past balance for 4 players, if you want.

No kneegerk balancing or hotfixing. I think people prefer to wait than have anything fixed without a LT strategy.

Have a LT plan for weapon balance, progression and reward based on community feedback… Only fix things that interfere with plans for Mayhem 2.0


Seems to be any weapon that can create new projectiles. I’ve seen it on the Queen’s Call and Rowan’s Call effects as well.

Something else for my list now that I think about it as a QoL improvement.

Vehicle parts unlocks shared between characters. I’ve found a couple of the Hijack crew mission target parts on vehicles driven by enemies so getting them before doing said crew mission doesn’t actually break anything and recollecting some of the things that require punting enemies out of their vehicle on additional characters feels more like a chore.


Please, for the love of god. Fix the Xbox One X crashing/console shut down issue. I quit playing the game because of this, weeks ago. Any group activities just don’t work.

If you aren’t going to fix it. Then please give a PUBLIC statement on the issue. For once.


I can not tell you how f**kin annoying that is and when it does happen to me it happens like 6+ times in a row…been like 4 months now and its still not fixed.


What I like to see this month? Everything people posted in here BUT I would like to see a January news and see what’s to come.

Whether they still on break or back now I still need to see something and this social media platforms like twitter and facebook needs to stop having all the attention and share with this forum

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Dude I just want to play splitscreen with my wife! The lag that has been there since day 1 is still there! It makes it impossible to play, that with horizontal split screen being the only option we have to play on 2 super wide landscapes which look like garbage. Seriously the game has been out for so long and there still isn’t a fix for this!


Would really like to be able to scale the UI, Text and HUD. We still can’t read anything from our couch while playing split screen on a good sized TV… Being able to read Quest text and Gun stats from further than 2 feet from the TV would be nice in a game based around collecting better guns and questing…


arent vertical even worse? that field of view is so small its impossible to play

I dont know what you have but my TV is super wide so vertical split screen would make 2 perfect squares like it did with BL2 and it works out great. It would especially be better since almost every boss has warning effects on the ground or air which you literally cannot see on horizontal split screen.