What i hope to see in January patch

I want them to simply fix the bugs. Fix the broken parts of the game. Fix the broken matchmaking, fix the broken skills, fix all of the major game breaking bugs, fix the drop rates to something better than lottery winning odds to get what you want, just fix the damned game.

Because I’ve stopped playing it until it is fixed, and definitely won’t spend a penny on more DLC until the main game is working properly.


Hey bud…am playing Moze…


  • Dedicated loot drop rate fix.
  • Actual increase in anointed gear on mayhem mode. Especially M4. There’s no reason to play M4. Only for the challenge but it doesn’t reward at all.
  • More Bank space.
  • Ability to use Eridium to re-roll anointments at Earl.

I hope to see a nerf to Seein’ Dead to make it only proc “Whenever Zane damages an enemy with his weapons” like it reads on the card. Hope to also see a fix to Good Misfortune to fix it’s diminishing returns while using this COM.
I hope to see a buff to Golden Rule to make it worth using over Phazeserker.
I hope to see a buff to Green Monster to increase the damage cap and make it worth using.
I hope to see Fl4ks St4kbot fixed so it can reach it’s potential without having to work around a bunch of bugs.
I hope to see actual buffs/fixes to Zane’s skills to make him actually good outside a com.
I really really hope to see actually significant improvements to the UI.
I hope we get another Takedown.
I very much hope for significant changes to dedicated drop sources and rates.
I hope to see changes to Moze’s sustain, giving her more ways to heal then Vampyr.
I hope Mayhem 2.0 comes soon and it’s not just another crappy modifier mode but an actual difficulty level that adds fun instead of annoyance.


Fix Local co op
-Font size
-Vertical Split
Console fixes

  • Reduce load times (Im looking at you dancing claptrap)
  • Fix game breakers causing some consoles to die
    Overall Gamechangers
    -Re roll guns so that the lvl 12 legends you get arnt just for alts after you out level them
    -Also re roll anoints
    -Add dedicated drops to anything named
    Zane QoL
    -Barrier spawns held
    -Ability to recall Drone to reduce cooldown
    -general buffs

@hk.spm123 I hope to see some clues as to the next special event. Bloody Harvest wasn’t perfect (looks like a few in the community think so very strong… ******* bloody harvest! ) but I’m always game for more content :grin:

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Any plans on fixing the MENU LAG ???

Playing on PS4, when bringing up and tabbing between the menus there is literally 2 seconds of lag between each cycle…

Only thing I saw on this is from October of something claiming a stability issue…


In before they say their fix for console menu lag is to play on the next gen console for better hardware?

On a more serious note hopefully we get some kind of update or announcement soon since its been like 2 weeks since their last one.


the problem with golden rule is that GR basically replace the entire com. the design itself is weird anyway.

i think green monster is fine , it just click click click is a weird design that u either went max ammo regen and take 0 benefit or u dont but getting little benefit. its more like a moze issue to me .

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I don’t see anything wrong with the design of click click. It’s not a tiny bonus and there is ways to manage holding on to it while still having quick ammo regens. Also not every build need to be ‘never reload’ build. The problem with Green Monster is that the Corrosive bonus is weak af compared to like Blast Master so theres no point to use it.

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yes , the bonus is really weak . 3 point for 36% and you only get 36% on the final bullet , which mean the bonus is less than 36% .

let say u can keep your mag on 50% , then effectively u are only getting 18% damage and its conditionally. just skip it for something else , doesnt even worth 3 point compare to other skill

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I’ve seen a lot of people who take Rapid fire builds and keep a mag at 25% or less and you can also get points with com and 3 points is not that big of investment when you are spending that anyways if you are taking Forge and if not taking Forge you probably aren’t taking Click Click. But then for a Rocket Launcher build like for example my ION build I’ve been doing I’ve now found it makes a huge difference to stay on 1/16 ammo and have 1 or more points from com in it for a pretty large boost. And again 3 points is not very much investment I’m not sure what you think you should be getting out of it but it’s not a bad skill in the least. Not every skill has to be fully utilized in every single build to be considered good.

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i do agree with ion , rest of them nope . 3 point is big investment btw , when making a build , often time missing few skill point to have ideal skill tree

Try tweaking the dead zone settings. It helped me tremendously. Somewhere in settings.

Join people while they are at the main game menu. Then have them load in. That works 100% for me. Also, I hear that loading into the game on your side and then joining someone on that same map helps. It’s probably because the game is doing something wrong when loading and connecting at the same time.

All that said, I want this bug fixed because it needs to be.

They improved this. It’s slow the first time after map transitions. After you load into your menus the first time, it’s decently speedy afterwards.

It still needs improvements. I wish it would start caching all that menu stuff into memory in the background after you load up that player.

OR I wish it would default to less fancy menu animations/models when in split screen. In fact, I don’t need to see any more animation on my skill tree page.

Your post is very good. Thank you.


I am on PS4 and its not better I got all excited when they said it was addressed but it went from 6 seconds of lag to 4 seconds everytime, it is not a fix. We have to warn each other each time we go into the menus. It is in unacceptable condition for split screen and has been since day 1


I’d love more transparency of drop rates. I know this isn’t too common in games like this but having the chance of drops specifically listed on items would be amazing (like the legendaries telling you how lucky you got by it dropping) because I know some legendaries are more common than others (looking at you woodblocker)


Hey there, sorry for the delay, I didn’t realize there was a reply.

My biggest issue with M3 is how the wrong mix of modifiers can make a session/map impossible. I don’t mind a challenge, but I don’t want to have to carry around an entire arsenal just offset a ton of penalties. And sometimes, that’s not enough. The enemies getting +40% damage 2+ shots and my primary weapons doing only 50% damage means skipping that map or restarting the session.

I’d rather have the general difficulty of M3 increased, in terms of mod-sponginess, remove the negative modifiers, and add in a random bonus or two. That way you can build for a more consistent challenge, and maybe get a bonus. Or split the difference and maybe go -25% to + 25% modifier on one damage source and the opposite modifier on another source.

That’s another issue, sometimes the modifiers cancel each other out. I know they plans to rework M1-3 to be more inline with M4. Other than the insane sponginess, I like that system. Scaled down to M3, I think it would be the right amount of challenge, fun, and reward for me.


Yes yes 100% agree. For a game that involves builds, some modifiers completely destroy my chances in M3. I had one round where my damage was reduced 4 Times by all the modifiers and it was just hell. I think they’re going to change this if M4 is any indication of how they want higher difficulties to go but at the moment it’s way too inconsistent to be fun.