What I just don't get about Gearbox and Borderlands 2

I know its probably been said numerous times by now, but there are some extremely bizzare an just down right stupid design choices in Bl2. For players that stayed until they end of the party I’m sure Bl2 will go down as 1 of the most frustrating games in history, which brings me to my first question.

Why is Ultimate Vault hunter mode so ridiculously hard to the point that most weapons don’t deal enough damage to counteract the enemies health regeneration.? You can say you don’t have to play uvhm, but if you wanna experience the full game you were forced to play uvhm. Uvhm makes the vast majority of weapons completely useless, which brings me to weapons.

I love the vast weapon selection in the game but some are just stupid. They entire tech weapon their in trash past normal mode, they can’t crit so why don’t they do ridiculous amounts of status damage. What’s with Hyperion weapons starting off super inaccurate, that’s just bizzare, I don’t even use Hyperion snipers because of this bizzare design choice, why use a Hyperion sniper when there ate vladof snipers and jocobs… Why are cursed weapons a thing? The first time I used the bane I didn’t know wtf, why does the chullain self slag, why do certain shotguns shoot away from the crosshairs? Why do we have horrible exotics like anything rubberized, the emperor is bad, the Thunderball fist is bad on tvhm and uvhm, which is a shame because its fun to use, the logans gun is okay, but just OK, all the Jacobs weapons that have a cap on their fire rate, and loads more bad guns, that are cursed, have fire rate caps, ridiculous gimmicks, are just low dps

Why are the vast majority of pearlecent weapons bad? My first was a storm and that sniper was so bad it was unbelievable. The storm may have been good in normal mode, but from what I hear it can’t be obtained in normal mode. I haven’t found any pearlecents that are worth using, why do I get gold and especially blue rarity weapons that are way better than my pearleacents, I found a god finger, but the stupid gimmick makes it so its not a very viable weapon…

I’m no veteran, I gt 2 op8 an a lvl 45 zero, my issue with this is why do I have to do 9 3 storyline playthroughs per character in order to get to uvhm? Its unbelievable that I can’t just start off in uvhm.

Why do certain characters do ridiculously more damage then others? I don’t have a gunzerker, I gt a siren, a mechromancer, and a assassin I’m currently leveling. I started off with a siren because I heard she was weak compared to Salvador, an I’ve always been the type to choose the weaker character, and have that character either on par or almost ridiculous like the top dog, because in most games all characters are on par with eachofpther whether u know it or not, but not Bl2.

What’s with Gaiges loss of accuracy, she’s significantly needed by this, after 150 anarchy stacks I can’t hit anything, I will even go as far as saying she’s just as vid without anarchy. Having high damage potential is great but what’s the point of you waste half your clip trying to shoot smthng, I guarantee its easier to just slag, then 2 shot, rather than trying to slag and missing, then you go into second wind and lose anarchy or die because you have so much anarchy you still can’t hit anything.

Why is slag even a element? Why do I have to slag a target then switch weapons to deal more damage? Why don’t slagged targets just take more damage period

Why are the raid bosses so difficult? Why would you have bosses in the game that can’t be solod unless yours god or smthing?
I get it, its a raid boss, raid bosses have to be difficult, but man, why even give a quest you came complete unless your Salvador of bore zero.

Why does zero lack skills that help boost his defenses? Why is melee zero not a option past normal mode unless your some kind of savage beast. Playing melee zero was fun, but unfortunately its just not smart on higher level difficultly.

If I gotta repeat the campaign several times then why can’t I skip cut scenes? Why do I have to listen to the same NPCs say and do stupid stuff during a cut scene? It was fun and cool at first, but give me a option to press o to skip.

Why can I only carry 39 items? That’s just not enough, an why is they amount of ammo I can carry so limited(especially sniper ammo) If we can carry more ammo you wouldn’t have to spawn in multiple enemies in a raid boss fight.

Why aren’t there more dual elements guns in Bl2? The chullain is so cool, and actually pretty strong, buy the self slag makes it not with using, so much so that I didn’t realize it was dual element until I saw a video my Vinylicpuma on youtube, which brings me to my next wonder…

I always wonder why can’t I carry health packs, I get having 99x health packs would be op, but why can’t I carry 3?

If certain gear has a special effect, then why isn’t there a section on the weapon card were it says by the way, this gun heals you why isn’t there a option to flip the item card were it would show a list a special effects? This is okay for the ps3 version, but the handsome collection should have had this. I was literally on ultimate vault hunter mode with my second character before I watched a YouTube video by vinylic puma that explained that all moxxi weapons heal, I would always sell because I always had better gear, an had no idea they heal and get grenade damage bonuses, I was on ultimate vault hunter mode with my second character before I realized this, I would always use MIRVs that seek out enemies and return health, I know I’m a noob, I’m dumb, what ever, I just never knew, imagine how I felt(so noobish).

Why is other no weapon lvl system like how the contraband skyrocket scales with your character, why can’t I make weapons I love relevant again? Why can’t I mix and match weapon parts? Why do I have to go farm a current version of this gun that may have bad parts…

What’s the point of having a shield compacity of 4 million an 500,000 health if I can get 1 shotted and go down to 1400 health, 1 shotted, not even a clean shot, but you get 1 shotted and health gamed. Now am I really supposed to believe that 1 shot frim your basic mobb enemy can do brought 4.5 million damage?

What’s with all the bizarre nerfs? Why Nerf anything that makes THIS game easier, especially since its not centered around PvP.

Why does Gearbox like to troll the player? Gearbox trolls ppl from bizzare needs to having weapons in the game that just strait up try to kill you, I haven’t even begun to complain about everything wring with this game, I love Bl2, it was one of the ps3 games that defined who I was as a player, but that was on normal mode. Tvhm was fun also, but uvhm is just ridiculous, I’m tires of typing but I wanna talk about 1 last thing

Op levels and the promise of better loot… Now if the weapons I find scale, but they enemies scale even more, is it really better loot? If I’m playing op8 then why am I getting op7 and op6 weapon drops, how does that qualify as better loot? Why introduce op lvls and polerize the community? I’ve lost a lot of friends because they can’t hang with they insane difficulty spike, an I’m not willing to go back

Look, I love Bl2, I’m no veteran, just a casual player, I say casual because Op is kinda the norm now, and its weird if your under leveled, but I dnt think I will buy another Gearbox game, Uvhm op8 is up there with some of the most difficult fps`s I’ve played, a lot of stress tears and cigarettes smoked went into Bl2 and the game is still far from perfect, no more nerfs, how about buffing Tech, how about buffing everything, but even with all that its still probably one of the best games I’ve played, and I’ve played a lot of games, I’ve started in SNES when I was 2 years old, I can put borderlands 2 in my top 15 out of the hundreds of games I played, I only complain because I care about the game even if I’m a casual noon scrub, or maybe its just op lvls making me think I’m a casual noob, either way I do love the game…

You just listed almost all of the reasons I love this game. I’m not that great at the game either. It’s by far my favorite game.

The only thing I was bummed about was how much nerfing they did. The Bee/Confrence Call used to be the best combo, now it’s nerfed to uselessness. They nerfed a lot of things. It’s not PvP so nerfs aren’t as important as in PvP games.

I crawled through UVHM at first trying to keep my Legendaries, until I finally realized I could switch it out for a green and be on par with enemies. It was just my pride getting in the way, I had to have my Legendaries, but in those higher levels, one or two levels is a huge damage difference.

I know that everyone complains about cutscenes not being skippable, but they’re usually like 5-15 seconds long. These aren’t Kojima cut scenes. I do hope they make them skippable after first play through on the next game though.

I also like having to level each of my characters. What’s the accomplishment if you can just play with one character and then jump the other characters with out putting any effort into them. I do have an idea though that would be a compromise between that. I’ll probably create a new topic after I type it up and structure it better.

Gearbox is amazing in every way. Their team works so hard and you can tell they love making these games. I’m pretty much sold on Gearbox for life. Any IP of theirs I will buy full price. They’re the only company that I have a 100% faith in. They don’t abandon their games. They don’t abandon their fans. If I had any talent in the industry then working for them would be my one and only goal.

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Slag. It was an under-utilized mechanic in NVHM/TVHM so GBX gave players a reason to use it in UVHM (they also buffed slag effect and duration at the same time).

On the weapons, it’s all about trade-off. For example, specific cursed weapons from DLC1 work extremely well on specific characters despite the flaws. A lot of the time, it’s a question of doing a little research and finding out how to make the best use of things. Not all weapons work for all characters, but that’s where the extensive choice comes in.

The Storm is really good on Gaige and Maya. You just have to know how to use it. UVHM is all about finding synergies between gear and skill tree perks. Go against Jackenstein with a Storm, and you’ll find out just how good it really is.

Different elements for different enemies. Corrosive is weak against flesh but strong against arnour etc. Learn to use the differences to your advantage, and you will be an ultimate badass.

Anarchy + Close Enough = absolute terror to enemies. You’re right though, you don’t need to take anarchy (especially for NVHM/TVHM). I have two Gaiges: one primarily BFF/LBT and one primarily OC/LBT. One of the really neat things about UVHM is being able to play around will with the skills and gear, and find new ways of playing the same character.

Melee Zer0 is indeed hard, but very rewarding when you put the time in to learn how to play him. Zer0 requires much more tactical play, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. He’s there for those who get bored playing Salvador.

You got me on that one. In NVHM it makes sense since you could be co-op with someone who hasn’t played that part yet. Don’t know why skipping cut scenes isn’t in TVHM/UVHM.

How often do you actually use ALL 39 items in your backpack? I also run around with a pretty full backpack, but I rarely switch out my four equipped weapons. As for ammo, seems fine to me. Tip: pick up any junk item of the type you need ammo for, then drop it. The ammo transfers to your storage when you pick it up, and the weapon drops back to the ground empty.

Because GBX know that a lot of the game’s fans love finding out all the secrets and compiling them for all to see. (Think meta-game) The Borderlands Wiki is your friend.

Design choice. The developers knew from BL1 that folks would find a really good gun and then never use anything else ever again, so they changed things up for BL2 to get people to explore more. There are a few regulars on the forums who make a point of taking things everyone calls “trash weapons” and showing that they are actually quite viable if used the right way. The game has depth that way.

There haven’t been any nerfs in a loooooooong time, and the ones that were made were ALL made because of bugs in the code leading to situations like the infamous Bee/CC combo one-shotting everything in the game. Where’s the fun in that? It’s not what the developers intended, so the fixed it.

Ah, I see you found the legendary Bunny rocket launcher! Well, why not? It’s in keeping with the “everything’s trying to kill you” vibe of Pandora, and the game’s overall sense of humour. If you want your shooter-looter game to be more serious, there are plenty of more serious games out there. At least you’re not out killing Deathclaws with Teddy Bears in BL2 :smiley:

The OP levels where something GBX did for hardcore fans who found UVHM too easy. It wasn’t part of the game road map when it was released but added much later. It’s not meant to be for the casual player at all. I’ve run digistruct peak in TVHM just to have a look and for something different to do; I’m not doing OP levels though.

And this is why you shouldn’t write off future Gearbox games. Look, I get it, there are things you don’t get about the game, things you don’t like, and things that are outside the amount of time you’re able/willing to spend to master. I feel the same way. But I’m still playing because I’m still having fun. And, along the way, I’ve actually succeeded at things I initially thought I’d never be able to do.

BL3 will undoubtedly share a lot of characteristics with BL2 and TPS. But that means it will also be fun. And it will be hard. And there will be things in it individual players find challenging or that they simply don’t like. But there will still be lots of fun to be had.


Thank you, Id say the Majority of the awnsers you gave are adequate, I still wish all character had Salvador lvl dps, Ive never played in, but Ive had him in my lobby an seen him do amazing game breaking stuff, so many ppl run with him because hes the strongest in ANY BL universe… I didnt mention it, but I wish there was a fast travel sysyem, or can I atleast fly a buzzard? I probably wnt buy another gearbox ip because its gnna take me a min to get 100% comppetion on Bl2, then I gt 2 characters on TPS (lawbringer/gladiator) that have been getting no love because ive been stuck on Bl2. Melee 0 was so fun up until TVHM, but hit Critical Acention skill tree is just better at higher levels, because of the insanr dps he can put out, I just wish his melee skill tree was more worth it Too me… And as far as cursed weapons go, you could remove the curse effect so the weapon is more viable, because even if they did that, the weapon would still shine on a certsin character. . I still dnt understand why I get op6 drops on op8 with the promise of better loot, or why I han half a half million hp and 4 million shield compacity, but get 1 shotted an be brought down to 1400 hp(do enemies really weild a damage threshold of 4.5mill)… Theres alot af frustating mechanics I just dnt get, But thank you, I appreciate you taking the time to give me some closure…

I have been asking for this since the game launched almost five years ago (hard to believe it’s been that long!) One of the missed opportunities of TPS but hopefully in BL3…

On the first one, it’s backed into the game that the gear can be up to two levels below and one above the host (or highest-levelled player in UVHM co-op). This is so a group of friends playing together but not at exactly the same level all have a chance of getting something they can use, as well as the chance of getting an item in reserve for when you level up. There are, as you’ve noted, problems with this especially in single-player when you’re max level anyway. I’m hoping this is something that gets tweaked in BL3.

On the second one, you should only get one-shotted if your health was below 50% at the time. If you were even 1 hp over 50%, you’d be down close to zero but still alive. I think the problem is that often you get hit with something that does initial damage, but also imparts a status effect (damage over time), and it’s the second part that takes you into FFYL territory. And then there are some of those ridiculous raid bosses with their ridiculous novas. Although again, there are ways around those; you just can’t face-tank them.

Good luck with the 100% - I now have that twice (once for original game on 360, and again for HC version on XB1). I must be crazy!

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