What I Listen to When I Play Benedict

Everything does blow in 3 seconds.


Seriously though, nothing like some hard southern heavy rock to play with such an explosively awesome character.

I dunno. I kinda like to listen to Dead Meadow while flying around. Relaxing, soothing. SO chill. Just get airborne, spread them wings, take a deep breath, aim, and let fly all cool-headed and stuff.

As opposed to Electric Wizard or the likes, or harder stuff.

Also, Rob Scalion’s series “Metal on Instruments That Aren’t Metal” does pretty well. His banjo cover of Slayer’s Raining Blood feels really appropriate for Benny…

That’s probably the funniest sentence I’ve heard all week. Banjo cover of a slayer song, gosh. I agree though that sounds right up his alley just from the name and the banjo. Thanks for your opinion!

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Dude does 3 or 4 Slayer songs in that series. Spill the Blood on his sister’s Cello? Yup, and it’s SICK. Cannibal Corpse’s Frantic Disembowelment on a ukelele? Yup. Seriously. Look him up on YouTube. The guy is genius.

And his ‘Metal in Inappropriate Places’ vids are fun.

Benny fits hillbilly well enough, that he invokes some friends’ bluegrass music when I hear him talk. Banjos seem like a natural choice.

Also, Black Breath seems appropriate overall for the game. :wink: