What i think about Battleborn

I play and BB on PS4 and have now around 80 hours into the game mostly in PVP and have a blast and really love the game, the characters, the humour and everything this game offers me. I would like to play even a lot more and this is the first FPS I really enjoy in PVP (yes I know it is no full FPS ;))

Well what I want to thank GBX the most is the change to the MM! Thank you so much for changing it back the way it used to be. I can finally play again and find interesting matches without having to wait for 10 minutes. Also I don’t know why but less people seem to quit or leave this weekend.

So GBX keep up the good work and I really hope you guys get a lot of money and will continue to support the game for a long time and give us some great stuff


I think this game has the potential to open up PvP to a lot of players who’ve never touched PvP before, myself included. :slight_smile:


agreed. They are working hard to correct all the issues. some take longer than other to address. I have well over 180 hours and continue to have fun with friends online.