What I think about DOK after 20 hours of gameplay

Dear Designers, Programmers, Artists, Contributors.

Firstly I would like to thank you for making this game. I purchased it on steam and enjoyed the normal level campaign for 14 hours of pure quality entertainment.

My review could end here because I should have nothing more to wish for. Comparing a computer game like this with a Feature cinema film, It would have only between 1.5 and 3 hours of fun, this game is well worth every penny!

In my opinion, the campaign of the game is very good. The Opponent is a very well balanced challenge for the inexperienced (in this game) player. As a game play ‘tutorial’ it would receive a 10/10 from me.

In an RTS game, that is actually all that I desire from a campaign and with a good story line and superb art work you have by far exceeded my expectations.

Before going online, and after finishing the career game-play, the average player tries out the Skirmish game-play in order to develop a strategy and maybe gain some confidence before facing a real opponent on the net.

The AI has three settings. Easy, Normal and Hard.

Now just talking about the easy opponent, this should be a target, allowing the player to develop (rather than test) a strategy, before testing it on a normal opponent.

I would therefore expect an easy opponent to provide minimum resistance and actually hold a rather passive stance against the player.

Then once the player is familiar with all the different units, upgrades and other tech-tree options, he/she should face a normal, or even hard opponent to test the strategy against the AI, before going online to face the real enemy.

The two differences between an experienced and a novice player is at first speed. Even if a novice player who is familiar with all the units and their qualities will take a little longer to manufacture units due to unfamiliarity with the user interface.

Therefore the Easy AI should also take a little longer. This can be easily coded as a time delay between actions taken by the AI.

When observing an allied easy player, it seems to perform multiple tasks within split-seconds from each other.

Could you add a time delay between the actions taken by the easy AI, and perhaps make more gradations in easy? (passive/easyer/easy/Normal/hard/hardest/impossible) for example.

Many thanks again. I still think this game is well worth buying and I will definitely keep playing it for a long time. These are just my humble suggestions for improvement.

Best regards,

PilotNL (steam user name)

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