What I think about the game?

(Coppenst) #1

I think it’s pretty nice…

Graphics are pretty sweet and also the gameplay is pretty fun.
I just hope there will be more maps when the official release comes out but I think that we shouldn’t be limited to only 2 maps, just to see how it goes on a more open one (FPS wise).
I have everything maxed out from settings and still have good FPS.

The ranking system is pretty nice, but the sad thing is how the points are devided by the end of a match…
It doesn’t matter if you win 15-0 in one match because if you loose 0-1 in the other match, you still loose the same amount of points or even more, I really hope this will be taken in consideration that depending how big your win is, you get more or less points (not some random number).

Also maybe in the future there can be a tag-team feature where you can play with 2 people on the same team and when one gets killed, the other one takes over and vice versa…

Otherwise there is still some room for improvement but I really like it personally and looking forward to a full release!