What I think we can all agree M10 needs

Quest rewards


Everything else is annointed so yes it would be welcome. Especially after we get the update that lets us buy quest rewards from the veteran machine!

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A new feature is supposed to be on its way. Crazy Earl’s shop should be selling quest rewards for eridium in a future patch. I suppose they will come anointed and will be different worth every shop reset.


I hope the new feature gives us world drops anointment. Because one of my favorite guns, the ice queen, cannot come with anointments. Such a good design being thrown away…


Anointed Seventh Sense would be crazy…

I would like Mayhem Mode to basically stay as it is but we should get the option to turn on “True Takedown Mayhem 1-10” where we basically have the existing Mayhem levels scaled to four players, as we do on the current Takedowns but then applied to the whole of the game. We would not a special level of weapons from this, but perhaps double the dedicated drops from bosses or something like that.


Once this happens I’m going right for my Extreme Hanging Chad!

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If you’re on M10, they are already guaranteed anointed. Any item you’re getting on M10 that do NOT have anointments are because the items (for whatever reason) cannot spawn with them. This is a hard-coded design decision, though I’m not sure why.

As others have said, hopefully the Veterans Rewards machine will allow all of these items to have anointments.

EDIT: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fkCwu0zeX1BBGcNEzWGZDr2kQ0IOPSoZQK2FD-zpw1M/htmlview#

The community spreadsheet is color coded to show which items cant have anointments, for those wondering.


I don’t feel we need anointed quest rewards. What are the chances that you will get the anoint you want? If you don’t get the right anoint, how do you farm it? You have to reset all missions and play the DLC over and over again until you get the anoint you want.

Most people are not going to do that because it is too time consuming .

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Yea just give us the ability to reroll anointments for eridium already

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Or bl3 could just remove annointments altogether and balance what is left to be usable…

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That would be great but it isn’t realistic to believe that will ever happen

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That’s effectively what you’ll be able to do once they add them to Earl’s Veteran Rewards machine, at least for mission rewards.

“If you’re on M10, they are already guaranteed annointed…unless they can’t be…”

I wish I had known that before spending several hours resetting TVHM trying to land an annointed Buttplug…

Well Yea but just for mission rewards, which right now is a small list of guns I’d actually be interested in using. They should just make the machine have the ability to reroll any gear. Just make it cost a fair amount of eridium

That is a good idea. removing anointments might even make more weapons viable.

As it stands right now, a person needs just the right anointment on their weapons and grenades to make any build viable above mayhem 8.

My Amara build is fantastic, but I can only use 10-12 different weapons in order to stand a chance against Mayhem 8-10 enemies.

So what do I do? I spend my time farming for those specific weapons with just the right anointment, and throwing away weapons that don’t have it.

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yep, anointed legendaries make them pretty much absolete…

also remove crappy annoint that nobody in a right mind would use

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