What i was warching a video about someone explaining about the Stream of GBX

About the new maps and the big update but i have heard something strange i dont think is true but they said that. They will change kleese chair for a tank is that true ?

The developer said that they were replacing his wheelchair for a tank. It was a joke of sorts, but is basically referring to the health fix (it was bugged before and lower than it should have been). So now Kleese is more ‘tanky’.


Damn, I think Kleese is godly already. After 54 matches on the road to master I had 4 triple kills (out of 9 total) and a 14 kill streak. And I’m not exactly the greatest player, I consider myself very good with a few characters but less than average with many. With those rifts he can tank for days, sure he’s huge and slow and fodder for most ranged characters, but when you position yourself correctly and with just a little support (I call him the supporter that needs support) he can break games wide open and carry teams late-game. A health increase would turn him into a true tank and break games IMO, or maybe I just got that good with him but we’ll see… Guess I’ll be playing Kleese again after the patch.

I think a couple hundred health would be nice, but it sounded like they were talking 6-700, which sounds nuts.

My understanding is that they’re changing his super-nuke (add all shield to energy balls … for like 800+ damage) and his charge-laser. I’m not sure in what ways, maybe someone else knows, but those two changes will savagely curtail his potential damage output … which makes +500 HP probably OK. He may end up being hard to kill but hardly damaging.

It’s a hyperbole. Wheelchair = frail or incapable of something. Tank = well, tanky/durable.

Kleese’s taunts alone should tell you he doesn’t need the 'wheel’chair. He’s just a decadent old man (further enforced when you unlock hos lore) and wants to ‘roll into battle in luxury’.

Besides, it’s Gearbox. They’re known for their fancy phrasing! (Hence the excellent humor in the games)

Kinda sounds like the problem is your enemy in some games at least. If you are able to camp near your energy rifts, your enemy def is doing something wrong. ;p

Or you have really gotten that good!

Okay, question answered, thread closed.