What I would like to see in BL3 now that S. Pass 2 is done

I agree, the looting system wasn’t the best on release (and still has some struggles today) with dedicated loot drops being clustered to a handful of enemies that may or may not spawn. That’s where borderlands 2 shined a lot better with it’s looting system minus the spawn camping of Savage lee. Hopefully learning from this game will make the future installments progress to a better area.

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I ended up getting modes for the game, well PC at least. There are several tutorials on YouTube that explain how to add the mods managers, plus mods that enhance or even alter how many mechanics of the game work. Think BL2’s Community Mod, but less comprehensive as a package.

I got a couple of mods that increase the drop rates to pre-patch levels, plus adding seasonal events drops to the base game drop pool. So, no more waiting a whole year to get a max level Yellowcake or Wedding Invitation.

Miniguns? Vladof’s sniper rifles I guess.

Some CoV launchers are basically flame (or whatever element) throwers too.

You are right, but I think he meant like a big bad ass minigun, like the one in Predator. Man, that would be the tits to own in BL3.

As for variety of launchers, again, you are right, but the problem is that most of them are non legendary, thus the damage is always non competitive. I love the Porta Pooper and the Hot Drop, but they ain’t holding a candle to the Yellowcake or the Globetrotter. I have seen Cryo and Flamethrowers as well, rail guns and other stuff, but again the problem is that they are all non legendary. So clearly, they got the creativity, but refuse to make 'em worth the farming.


The Lyuda wishes it could be that. And it also sucks that Salvador and Brick came out before that could ever happen.

Friggin’ Mayhem 2.0…

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  1. Gun balance and fixes. There are a lot of guns not working as intended or guns that are extremely underwhelming (or extremely op).
  2. Some changes to guardian takedown to make it less of a huge pain in the ass
  3. More endgame content
  4. Lower the cost on anointment reroll
  5. Balance out eridium sources across the game. At the moment, probably everyone grinds last round of some slaughter to get as much eridium as possible. While it is the most fun activity you can do to get eridium, it’s still extremely monotonous. Maybe ~1500 eridium reward for completing maliwan takedown and ~5000 for completing guardian takedown? All bosses should drop more eridium in general as well and eridium nodes on the map (the ones you crack with your melee attack) need to be significantly buffed.
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There are many things I could name here like some ideas for DLCs, bug fixes, several things I want to see buffed / added or QoL improvements but the main thing I want to see rn is a road map. It doesn’t have to give any specific details, I just want to know if content wise there is something to look forward to aside from new VCs and rehashed events.

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