What IB weapons/augments do you use?

Right now I’m using the missiles with the tracking augment, and the minigun with the “can go longer and then does more damage” augment.

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Honestly I play in mayhem 3 and swap out based on the stats roll. If boosting normal dmg, I’ll use miniguns. Elemental, rail, etc. Tho I’m hoping they fix some of his dps because he’s kinda weak overall once you top out.

Nuke x2 on M3. Just for fun. He is useless otherwise.

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As the pilot nothing is good on M3. Maybe +speed buff flamer, +dmg taken rockets if for some reason are in Iron Bear

For Auto Bear,
On M0: Railgun + Homing Rockets, otherwise Explosive Minigun + Nuke. The incendiary launcher works brilliantly, but the bot will often miss
On M3: Double Railgun or Double Minigun with Specialist Bear talent. Preferred instead of Railgun + Debuff Rockets (+15% damage taken) *

Because of the increased hp pools in M3 only things like the AoE Shock Rail will be effective, gaining massive damage increase of elemental against the limited shield pools of mobs, and will sometimes knock over enemies as well. But double Explosive miniguns do some damage since they don’t miss against most targets, and they’re good against any element

On Slaughterstar, two of the +80% damage at high heat miniguns are ok against the mass robots if they also have resistance to Corrosive modifier, otherwise in there it’s generally AoE Shock Rail + other

  • Can effortpost later why we wouldn’t necessarily use Debuff Rockets on Auto Bear

I use him as auto-bear only for now. Rockets that’s increase damage vs enemies on one arm, nuke on the other big boom and radiation damage. Fits my Blast Master build well and helps me drop enemies quicker.

I also use him as auto-bear only / whenever i’m about to go down. I use the debuff rockets + singularity grenades

Like does that make him more useful? Also, I think his cryo rounds and electric rail guns have some utility in autobear, idk tho, haven’t done a ton of testing.

I tested this and i feel like buffing your team’s overall damage by 15% while u effectively sacrifice all your damage means your team damage is reduced by whatever you normally output.

Absolutely, although Bloodletter Hexers will still be specd far into that tree

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Like I said. “Just for fun”. Please read whole comment :wink:

Just vanilla Vanquisher rocket pods — I can usually kill a badass or tink tank on M3 and only consume half of IB’s fuel. Admittedly, I still only use it as a panic button, it is useful to pop out of IB with Victory Rush proc’d.

That’s what I don’t get:

I dont know what game everyone else is playing, but having mained moze through 3 entire aythrus and now playing only M3, none of IBs weapons come close in DPS to the normal vanquisher rocket pods with no augments. The dual chainguns with the more damage as it overheats augments is 2nd in DPS, but even that is a mile away from the rocket pods in terms of damage.

All of the other IB weapons dont even come close to the rocket pods . I’m going crazy because it’s such a clean cut difference yet I see people saying other weapons are better . How ??

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iB is good in some situations. I haven’t had much experience keeping dps up on Moze while in the IB tho. Mostly, he just seems better when in make him a turret and use my own gun. Maybe don’t have the augments right? I’ll do some testing. U say rocket pods have decent damage tho? Are they boosted by any of the explosion talents?

Yeah man I’m heavily specced into the demo woman tree. I know for a fact Fire In the Skag Den procs with Iron Bears rockets and grenades (i.e enemies get set on fire), but the skill description only mentions Moze. This has always made me wonder if other skills that dont mention IB secretly apply to him as well .

But yeah I’ve tested every IB weapon a gazillion times and the regular rocket pods do the most damage. The grenade launcher with the 5 burst augment is decent too but you have to get close to the target

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Thanks for the advice. I’ma go back to her after I finish this Fl4k run

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Dual Mini Nukes for splash/radiation fun and no enemies can dodge the carnage