What iconic Borderlands weapons or gear to you want to see return in BL3?

I want to see a Double Anarchy from BL1, made into a legendary or unique, and Conference Call from BL2.


Double anarchy, a good unforgiven, and a good Cobra


The Cobra would be cool if it came back, but I really hope that the Flakker makes a return. It’s just so unique and fun to use, I love it. Imagine it with sticky explosives activated… Idk how that would work exactly but I would very much like to see what happens.






Cat o’Nine Tails
Luck Cannon
Laser Disker
Kaneda’s Laser
Four Seasons

Just a list of ones that stood out to me while playing the games.


@UkyoSonoda It appears Atlas weaponry will work similar to the ZX-1 and Tediore weapons will all be like the Deliverance but with them gun legs and possibly throwing insults at the targets. So I feel like those two might not return unless buffed in some other way.


You… I like you.


I honestly hope not too many, but I’m kind of expecting a few of the ‘classics’ that carried over from BL1 to BL2 will have a BL3 variation, like the Hellfire, Volcano, Bitch, etc.


I don’t remember names so don’t have anything in particular gun wise

All I definitely want is homing grenades like those Magic Missles from Tina’s DLC because they were great for regenerating and taking guys from cover.

I’m pretty sure there will be guns like this but also the Moxxi weapons that give you a percentage of health back. I think late game not too many people used them but early/mid game I used them so much especially for my melee builds.

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bulldog from bl1. badaboom and conference call from bl2.

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I wish grenade regeneration grenades, bee shield, grog/rubi, sham never ever to return in the game.

Many people don’t understant it, but sham was one of the most op shields in the game, which didn’t care a lot about level scaling. It was much stronger than antagonist/blockade/evolution vs hyperion bots or bandits(most mobs in the game) and was more safe in mobbing than bee. It was a ■■■■■ shield.

Bee shield was just stupid. Playing with people in coop using this shield was just not fun. Early/mid game it was like playing with pimperduurp salvador.

Grog/Rubi just had too strong of a vampiric effect to be balanced. Like free healing is the worst thing in games.

I dont want to see those grenades, because most people used to play with magic missles ignoring better slag grenades like crossfire or slag singularities and ignoring better healing magic grenades like chain lightning. There were so many better grenades in the game than these.

It would be awesome to see buffed flakker, twister, swordplosion, longbow, tweaked elephant gun, fibber, avenger, blackhole, transformer, tweaked love thumper, rough rider, buffed orphan maker, hail to return into the game. It is not the full list, but only the stuff, which comes first to mind.

I played TPS too long ago to remember any guns from there and I never player its dlcs. I just remember that gameplay wise it had potential to be better than bl2, but it was less fun to play even with jumpads and ozkits. Partially due to gameplay balance, partially due to weaker characters and weaker writing(? i don’t remember that well, but it didn’t feel like bl2 or smth, it was more safe and less crazy).

Conference Call
I’ll add more as I think b😅

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The Bane, obviously


Wait you don’t want the grog back, but you want the hail back? Flakker, swordspolsion, and twister are 3 of the best shotguns which don’t need a buff at all.

Fibber, avenger, are also some of the most OP guns.

I really don’t understand your idea of balance

OT: just bring back the true OGs. Hellfire, skullmasher, bitch, and hornet. Might be missing a few there


Thunderball Fists
Prismatic Bulwark & Naught Shields.

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Evil smasher, just for the meme

Balance is just as important in a PvE game with a loot system such as borderlands as it is in a PvP game. A game doesn’t have to be deemed “hardcore” or be played as an e-sport to necessitate having balance.

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Droogs, and I hope Vladof legendary sniper is based on them again.

While not necessarily the same gun, I’d love to see another take on the Pimpernel. Something that rewards you for shooting at various parts other than the crit directly just because it’s fun to use and adapting to enemy position is rewarding. I guess it could even be the same gun as long as the bomblets would have lowered damage and lower or no elemental procs. I’d like that.

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Of course you need some degree of balance, but it doesn’t mean that you have to priorotize balance over things that are fun or unique. It is not a sport and there is nothing serious at stake playing such games. BL has never been a hard game and it was good, because it was fun to play. It is like with Star Wars movies, which have never been meaningful or serious, but it wasn’t really their purpose to be some deep movies – the purpose was to entertain and to stimulate imagination of as many people as a movie could.

BL is unique for its guns with unique mechanics and it would be good for the game to preserve as many truly unique guns as possible; also, making them actually viable is important.

Like, I would never care for learning hail/flakker, if it wasn’t potentially better than ogre/swordplosion.

Hail/Fibber/Avenger are not that broken without bee, but most importantly they are guns with unique mechanics.

Grog/Rubi are just broken and are just simple non-unique guns gameplaywise. They make the game too easy and leave not so much incentives to explore alternatives, because they are stupid strong, so every build has one except for may be sniping zero, but he is like the worst thing in this game.

FIbber/Hail/Avenger/Flakker are not present universally in any build – they are strong niche guns, and the exclusion of the bee would make them more niche.

P.S. Just think about it this way. If you eliminate lifesteal from the game(broken mechanic in any PVE), hail still would be a fun and potent gun to play, rubi/grog would not.

It really makes 0 sense to have guns/gear, which prevent almost any punish, if you pair it with some gear. It just forces players to play in a brain dead 0 risk manner(I don’t care about making a mistake, because I will regen all my health with a single grenade anyways) and it forces devs to balance mobs around such completely broken playstyles, which gimps other potential builds making them not viable and non existant. As the result players are left with less options, less builds, etc.

Unorthodox FPS gameplay is the thing, because if I wanted to play an orthodox shooter, then there are just better orthodox shooters like Fortnite, COD, Apex or CSGO.

Back on topic, now.


Coming up with unique things is a matter of creativity and imagination. If you can’t come up with something unique and viable, then you lack imagination in that particular department.

I just bet that I can come up with like 3-4 unique concepts in an hour or so. Making them viable and balanced would be a matter of testing and buffing weird things that don’t work at first until they start making sense.

Like you could have a shield, which forces a player to get hit and risk it in order to maximize his damage. Like a strong amplify shield, which increases max hp, but with 0 recharge rate. The shield recharges everytime you lose hp. All attacks ignore your shield and deal direct hp damage. Your next shot will deal more damage based on your current shield and will heal your hp based on the amount of damage you deal; like more damage the more lifesteal % you get from your amplified shot, which forces you to be interested in loosing as much hp as possible. Call it Bloodsucker or smth. Not hard. See?

Of course at first it wouldn’t work as intended, but you can tweak this item to the point until people actually start using it. This is what good games do and what heartstone wasn’t really doing well. They increase the number of viable options for players, so you have to think.

There are many unique things out there. It is just a matter of being creative.