What I'd like to see from Battleborn

Seeing as how there are many of us that wish to see this game really take a stand, here are some things I’d like to see in the possible near future.

1 - With Halloween right around the corner, I would love to see some special add-ons that do not require platinum. Perhaps a possibility of unlocking special outfits through legendary or epic loot packs. It’s pretty difficult already trying to unlock the white, lavender or yellow skins for our favorite characters as well as the Gold skins that players like myself may never obtain. If the special skins were unlockable through packs, it’ll give us more of a reason to want to play the game considering how tough it is to find a match now sadly.

2 - If the free-to-play rumors are true, I’d like to see what us players who have already purchased the game get. Might I suggest some platinum or extra credits? It’ll be a bit risky to not give anyone anything if it were to go free to play. Players are sensitive to this and may just say “I spent all this money on the game and now it’s free?” and the complaints would go on and on.

3 - The balance of teams in PvP is a BIG problem. When I first bought the game on XB1, I played the story mode through and was around level 20 - 30. Then when I tried to go into PvP, it was myself and many low level players going up against all level 100 players. It’s really unfair and ruins the experience for people who are trying to learn what Meltdown, Incursion, or Capture modes have in store for them. I know you can always go into versus mode private, but playing against A.I and playing against players is MUCH more challenging without a doubt. I just hope to see levels 1 - 50 play against players of similar levels. Then players 51 - 100 also play against players of the same level.

Hopefully these aren’t big requests and things that will cause an issue. We, the DeJennerits, and many others wish to see this game succeed. https://discord.gg/R98fnJc

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They are not, so you can relax on that one. (Apparently a trial version is in the works though.)

The DeJennerits. Heh. That’s cool. But yeah, the free-to-play rumours aren’t true, and personally I think it would suck if BB did go FTP. I mean, if you’ve seen the player statistics, then a full 14,000 ish people already own the game. They’ve just stopped playing it. FTP wouldn’t solve anything.

Holiday events, though. I loved these in Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel, and agree that it would be super cool to see some of these in Battleborn. Maybe minions remodeled as carved pumpkins - would make Meltdown absolutely hilarious.