What I'd like to see in the DLC

What would I like to see in the DLC?

That’s something I have been thinking about a lot lately. While I am having a blast in the game, I am certainly open to having MORE of everything in this game.

More heroes? Those are coming, for everyone. And that’s awesome.

I’d like to see the following in the DLC

  1. More maps per mode. Having 2 just means that everyone is always choosing the grove in incursion, and Paradise in Meltdown. It would be great to have a 3rd option in each of the modes that are out there.
  2. A LoL style ARAM game mode that uses incursion sentries. Single lane. Push like hell. Use those sentries to your advantage.
  3. Even though there is a domination/capture style to the game, a FFA or TDM style arena would be great for those that just want to kill other players and do some mindless team based shooting. I have run across many players that just don’t get the moba aspects of this game and get frustrated because they “just wanna kill the guy” and not run an objective.

Those are just my thoughts. #2 is a must have and would really draw on the LoL casual style player to check it out…

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A TDM with minions might be cool for players who are tryin to figure out new characters or new players trying to figure out the mechanics who aren’t interested in PVE

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