What if annointments where assigned to trinkets?

I always thought it would be cool if, instead of appearing on weapon cards would instead be assigned to a particular trinket.

After you aquire that trinket/annointment you could then assign it to any gun slot you want from then on.

Thoughts and opinions welcome!



Whoa. What a cool, elegant fix. I like it!

However, it would eliminate a lot of the farming in this game, so could cut it’s lifespan down. Perhaps if they lessened the drop rate of Legendaries to make up for it…

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Pre-release one of the bigger things I saw was “we don’t want stat bonuses tied to cosmetics at all”. Cosmetics should stay cosmetic. The concept of having to equip a tire trinket for Splash Damage when I want a Butt Stallion Tail on my Tiggs Boom is not fun


Could tweak the drop rate frequency of legendaries OR could just make trinkets harder to obtain. I guess it’s too late for the trinkets we have now but could make them more challenging to obtain in the future.

Would be neat if some trinkets have a side-quest involved to get and other trinkets could maybe just be rate drops.

Would mix it up a bit on how to go about obtaining them but leave some of them where they’re are kinda rate to farm to keep farming involved.

If that’s what you want then just allow rolling or re-rolling of anointments. There is literally no reason to attach it to a trinket(cosmetic) in order to achieve the same result which is choosing the anoint you want on your weapon.


There are subtle differences. As examples:

If anoint was attached to a trinket you had to farm we could listen to people complain about crap drop rates because they killed boss what’s its name so many times and it never dropped the trinket they were looking for. So they are done with the game.

If we could re-roll anoints we could listen to people complain about how the game is broke because they spent X amount of some currency and never got the anoint they wanted. So they are done with the game.

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Would make trinkets cooler. That’s the long and short. Cool factor.

Course, I can see why anyone would also like to keep them cosmetic only.

Only issue I’d have with it is that there aren’t currently trinkets for grenades and shields.

Solution: either…

  1. Don’t put anoints on trinkets; put as rerolls.
  2. Create trinkets (and trinket slots) for 'nades and shields.

Your gun is actually a more noticeable feature than the trinkets. The only reason the trinkets are “cosmetic” is because they don’t currently have a practical purpose. Give them a practical purpose and they become gear - like class mods for your gun.

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They’re cosmetic because they’re cosmetic. Yes. Keep them that way.