What if anointments could only roll on Shields and Grenades?

As stated before, to make the game less dependent on the anointment system would requiere for a complete overhaul of the game. This is not the goal of my proposal. Since the Devs haven’t given any indication of lessening the impact of anoints in the game, I would prefer to discuss a way to build around their design philosophy.

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I’ll acknowledge everything you said I don’t agree with some of it but still. I just wanted to point out that weighing parts is obviously still rng its a looter shooter what do you expect. What it would do is if let’s say, there are 3 bad anointments and one good anointment instead of having an equal chance to get one of the four it would be like a 10 percent chance for the good one and a 3.5 percent chance for the bad ones. Just wanted to clarify just in case you didn’t understand what I meant.

I certainly understood your idea and I do believe is something that should be implemented. However, I also believe that in practice weighting would probably feel the same. After all, its all luck. And given the weird nature of how probabilities sometimes work on this franchise (see Silence the Voices) I don’t believe the change would be very noticeable (like how the loot increase given by Mayhem doesn’t actually do much of anything)

I read someone’s idea on another thread asking, “what if we could put anointments on the trinket slot, guns wouldn’t be anointed, trinkets would be, and then you could easily swap in the anointed trinkets you wanted”.

I think if we had that, then each trinket should be attached to a specific anointment. So once you’ve collected that trinket you have it forever on all your characters.

I’ve read that idea before and I do really like it. If the devs could implement it I would take it no question. However, I would prefer discussing the alternative I’m proposing to explore a different approach to tweak the anointment on weapons.

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Oh yeah I know what you mean, like you can weight the drop rates but there’s still a chance it’ll take you 5hrs to get your drop. But about it still felling the same, that’s why you tweak the numbers until you get to a point where players are happy and the game isn’t “broken.”

Also I don’t hate your idea there’s just no point in taking the grind out of guns just to put them into shields and/or grenades

There is a point though. A weapon’s effectiveness is dependant on a lot more factors than Shields and Grenades:

  • Weapons: Elements, Pellet Count, Mag Size, some special parts like the Boom Sickle, scopes in some cases, firing modes for Dahl.


  • Shields: 2 small passives and in a lot of shields they are either limited or can’t spawn.

  • Grenades: 1 or 2 parts with similar restrictions to shields.

it has been said before

shield: provide defensive bonuses
nades:nade damage/cc bonuses
guns: 30% dmg 10% crit max. no bonus elements no bonus projectiles no pomegranates! no no no no pomegranates!

and no condition guns not ase not ass just a bonus on the gun so it is fair access to all vhs

Just turn anointments into trinkets that you can put on any gear you wish.

With the somewhat recent and unnecessary addition (clutter and bloat) of the new anointments I would like to bring back this topic under a new name and see if anyone would like to discuss it in any way.

To add to what I’ve already written, if they don’t want to bother fixing the bugged ASA anointments, having them on shields would fix the issue of losing them after swapping weapons since it’s now always equipped. As for the new anointments, they would be added as only two new anoints to the pools: 100% Hard Points damage (Just one. No need for one for every Hard Point) and 100% Action Skill damage (No need for the same anointment for every action skill). The ASA damage class anoints need to be removed. We already had one that gives double the damage.

All these suggestions to reduce the amount of grinding while the addition of the latest class specific anointments, right after the removal of the ones the community deemed useless, demonstrates that the developers WANT the pool to be diluted to "give choice"to the player (it’s actually artificially lengthening the amount of gameplay, but let’s play along :roll_eyes:)

Oh yeah. I’m certainly playing along knowingly that’s the intention. But trying to find/suggest a way around that is something I feel is worth discussing. A “If you can’t beat them join them” sort of thing or working something out with their “vision” in mind.

All items (shields, grenade, weapons, etc) instead of being anointed, could have a certain amount of slots for “anointed runes” or “eridian runes” These could be attached or detached the same way artefacts worked in Borderlands 1, changing the element of action skills. A similar system could be created for items, replacing this Anointment system.
Imagine you find a legendary with a single rune slot and a blue with 3 slots. Maybe the green has the potential to be better than the legendary.
I think most action rpgs have this system. I sure seen it even in Cyberpunk for armors and weapons, even though they are not runes, maybe cyberware or something.
Me personally, i want more possibilities and options in Borderlands


Ooooooh. I certainly like how that sounds. Especially the connection with BL1 artifacts. I would take this as a solution as well. Unfortunately it falls in the same vein of reworking the anointment system as a whole, so idk how willing the devs would be to do this.

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Trinkets could be the equippable annointment.
I’ve said it all over this forum at this point but I’d be alright with mayhem 12 no annointments no modifiers, just difficulty (UVHM). Absolutely HATE doing math so throwing percentages of damage with different elements and other variables that interact differently between pieces of gear----
Trinket annointments, I can get behind because then instead of learning how a specific annoint works on one legendary but differently on another, I could just learn the trinket bonus and slap it on anything.
No annointments I can REALLY get behind because then, I only have a skill tree and a COM to worry about.


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Like you said, that’s an idea that has been thoroughly discussed in the forums and it is a good suggestion. However I would like to focus on discussing other alternatives rather than repeating what has been discussed extensively in other threads… including this one (please stop bringing it up here).

I don’t see how it’s any different than the rune suggestion, plus, if we’re gonna keep suggesting ways to rework annoints shouldn’t we just have a master thread and not a sub thread for every different type of suggestion?

You’re right, it is not any different from said suggestion. But my point is that this thread should be to discuss/expand the topic at hand rather than suggesting other alternatives that have already been discussed in threads meant to discuss/suggest said alternatives. A master thread compiling the different suggestion threads sounds like a good idea. Having different sub-threads for every type suggestion in said master thread keeps things organized and helps people find where to discuss/add to a certain suggestion rather than proposing every single idea into one massive unfocused thread.

I’m down for literally anything that will pull Anoints out of the RNG loot pool of all other gear. I’ve brought up the math forever ago and how atrocious the number of combinations that have to be rolled through to get the specifics you want. Anoints are virtually the most powerful aspect of weapons (and I’m fine with them being fairly powerful) but the way they are attached to gear takes away a major focus of trying to get specific rolls such as the attachments of weapons. Most of the time, I’m just trying to get the Anoint I need and will deal with whatever attachments my weapon comes with.

If Anoints were tied to some Trinket system or were able to be slotted into gear like Runes (mentioned above), then we at least can farm gear with a primary focus back on parts of that gear. Granted, RNG could still be rough even here but its an improvement to say the least. It would also put a greater amount of time and freedom in the players hand to just mess around with build testing and optimizations which I think is the most fun part of endgame. Simply theorycrafting feels nigh endless in this game.

That sounds pretty cool and if done correctly you’d be able to use the billion guns that are in the game. Instead of leaving 99.9% of them lying on the floor