What if anointments could only roll on Shields and Grenades?

Like you said, that’s an idea that has been thoroughly discussed in the forums and it is a good suggestion. However I would like to focus on discussing other alternatives rather than repeating what has been discussed extensively in other threads… including this one (please stop bringing it up here).

I don’t see how it’s any different than the rune suggestion, plus, if we’re gonna keep suggesting ways to rework annoints shouldn’t we just have a master thread and not a sub thread for every different type of suggestion?

You’re right, it is not any different from said suggestion. But my point is that this thread should be to discuss/expand the topic at hand rather than suggesting other alternatives that have already been discussed in threads meant to discuss/suggest said alternatives. A master thread compiling the different suggestion threads sounds like a good idea. Having different sub-threads for every type suggestion in said master thread keeps things organized and helps people find where to discuss/add to a certain suggestion rather than proposing every single idea into one massive unfocused thread.

I’m down for literally anything that will pull Anoints out of the RNG loot pool of all other gear. I’ve brought up the math forever ago and how atrocious the number of combinations that have to be rolled through to get the specifics you want. Anoints are virtually the most powerful aspect of weapons (and I’m fine with them being fairly powerful) but the way they are attached to gear takes away a major focus of trying to get specific rolls such as the attachments of weapons. Most of the time, I’m just trying to get the Anoint I need and will deal with whatever attachments my weapon comes with.

If Anoints were tied to some Trinket system or were able to be slotted into gear like Runes (mentioned above), then we at least can farm gear with a primary focus back on parts of that gear. Granted, RNG could still be rough even here but its an improvement to say the least. It would also put a greater amount of time and freedom in the players hand to just mess around with build testing and optimizations which I think is the most fun part of endgame. Simply theorycrafting feels nigh endless in this game.

That sounds pretty cool and if done correctly you’d be able to use the billion guns that are in the game. Instead of leaving 99.9% of them lying on the floor