WHAT IF Aurelia's sniper skills also applied to RAILGUNS?

Think of it. Railguns act almost the same as snipers. High precision, high damage, slow fire rate.

Wouldn’t it just make sense to let Railguns also have all the bonuses that snipers get from her skills and COMs? Magic Bullet, Silver lining, Custom loads, I never miss, Warning shot, Wait for it…

It would make guns such as the Excalibastard or the Longest Yard not only good, but really great on Aurelia!

Who’s with me?


I believe Silver Lining works on all guns, but otherwise you’d just have to go for damage/Crit buffs. Honestly I just let Wilhelm handle the railgun sniping haha

hm. good point. Still would be nice if Aurelia had Custom loads and Magic bullet on Railguns, really.

Also, thanks for reminding me of Wilhelm and Railguns! So far I’ve only been chucking Tediore railguns and never sniping on mine. Gotta try that some time

Yeah man. Wilhelm as plenty of skills that makes for a great laser sniper! I got a corrosive Longest Yard that’s pretty nasty against Watchbots. I’ve been using the Excalibastard and the Laser Disker for other baddies.

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Since the gameplay of snipers and railguns is pretty much the same, I don’t see why not. Anything that broadens the choices you have is good IMO.

Also, the Dahl railguns are pretty nasty, and unlike dahl snipers, the ammo pool on lasers is big enough to use them most of the time.

I missed this from the beginning. Railguns are cool but I only play that way with Wilhelm and Aurelia. And tbh Wilhelm only has one laser skill, while Aurelia has an entire sniping tree

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Targeting Scope is really good on lasers…and only lasers lol

Since rail guns are effectively sniper rifles, yes.

But would just like to point out that the Excalibastard is a laser, not a rail gun. And is also already good on Aurelia.

Railguns are Lasers with Hyperion barrels.