What if BL2 could be expanded

This is only “drop your random idea, screenshot” thing. I know it is not possible due to console “limitations” and its late anyway. The reason why im posting this, is because Diablo 3 just got patched. New patch along some other stuff, gave one new area and “expanded” some existing areas, like Leorics Manor. What if BL2 could be expanded the same way. What and where you would add new stuff. There are some cool locations, entrances, scattered around maps in BL2. Post your ideas/thoughts/screenshots. You can post some quest idea along screenshot as well.
Here is the first one from me:
It is at the end of the Bloodshot Ramparts, quest could be something like after youve rescued Roland, Marcus sends you on the quest to raid bloodshots armory, or something like that.


I’ve always wondered what was supposed to be on the other side of the exit in The Dust on the north side of the map, along the gulch with all the spiderants. There’s a hut there, and what looks like a gate, but it’s not a fast travel to another zone. I initially assumed it was going to be a transition point to a DLC map, but that never happened.


I always wanted to see the BL2 version of the BL1’s Vault, and the complete map of Arid Badlands. Yeah, and the Caves, the Skag Gully…

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I think I remember that one, anyway you should post a screenshot :).

It’s possible with the current generation of consoles, but, as you said, it’s late in the product’s life cycle. I would love to see new content. Maybe if we all stood up and shouted, GBX would listen and release something new. Hell, they recently released a patch, so maybe they’ll do this. :dukewhistle:



I’d love a S&S allegiance Mechromancer.

Anyway, since that wasn’t completely on topic:
I’d love to see more in Caustic Caverns, one of my favorite maps in BL2.


This area in the Dust behind Ellie’s garage and before you reach the church with the showdown during The Good The Bad and The Mordecai


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I want to revisit all the areas in the Arid Badlands again along with the connected areas like Skag Gully, Headstone Mine, Arid Hills and Lost Cave.

Every time I go to the Arid Badlands in BL2 I want to go explore those old areas badly.

Yep, that’s the one. Couldn’t wait for the DLCs to find out what was on the other side, but…

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Yeah, thats cool one.

I think it would be cool if they made more invincible bosses, but for the vanilla game. It could maybe be an add on to digistruct peak or they could spawn in there regular spots or in these new areas. Maybe they could even spawn in different spots where there aren’t any bosses. Like invincible bunker spawning in the dust, which would just be crazy since the dust is so big and there aren’t a lot of places for cover. At the same time you would have to watch out for bandit cars and helicopters. Or invincible savage lee spawning in blood shot ramparts with a bunch of ultimate badass psychos and nomads. They could have better chances to drop legendary weapons or you could make it so they have a 1 in 10 chance to drop a pearl or maybe a mission item or unique. It would make farming them worth it and it would give you better odds to get that weapon you are farmimg for. I mean farming for a perfect bekah is down right impossible but this would make it feasible and add difficulty to bosses who are very easy to kill at op8

Two cool locations in The Fridge that could be used to expand.
The first one is just before the Laney. The way how these door are positioned on the map, would better be used as another lift, the same way how the exit out of the fridge been done.

This one looks more interesting to me though:



I would have like dot see the old BL1 maps brought in as BL2 maps, maybe due to that entire area being wiped out to Hyperion, set it after the Game, and make it an entire Zombie area.

I would like them to actually add entrances to DLC’s from maps, it helps me get a sense of location, and as others have stated, those places in maps that look like they lead somewhere, can lead somewhere.

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Apparently, it leads directly into Bioshock 1…

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Please, no! Zombie modes have been done to death already…

I agree they have, but considering the BL1 areas are locked out, it the only thing that would still be there, or Pandora and her beasties could have aggressively re-claimed the land, that could make it interesting, if somewhat creature centred.

BL3: Revenge of the Scythids!

Just no volcanoes, OK?

I realise your probably aware of the reason, but background programming only requires a couple of people. Creating new areas would require a team of people, and they is working on B3 for sure.

However, I’m pretty sure if they released a full DLC for B2 it would sell bazillions.
edit: on that note, what if they were to take the Armoury from B1 and link it in some how. Would please the B1 fans

@miles_wimbrow - Could have been a quirky little gully with some Red chests only opened by a key that the Black Queen dropped. Would make farming that area even more fun.

Goofy BL1-themed DLC for BL2:

“Scar’s Revenge!” - Scar’s been reanimated and mutated thanks to all the slag runoff in the Badlands and adjacent areas, and is running amuck causing mayhem in the post-Hyperion recovery efforts. Zombie TK Baha sends you on a quest to take him down once and for all - kill Scar and bring his brain back to TK for a hearty feast!

(Bonus raid bosses: Slagged Moe and Marley the Invincibles)

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