What if Ernest were reclassified as an attacker?

(Tryak74lol) #1

I think it’s pretty appropriate. Ernest doesn’t really have a need to take 15% less damage from non-battleborn as he is usually in the backline, not the frontline. The 15% damage boost to non-battleborn would also emphasize his role as a pushing / wave clearing character. What do you all think?


(Penguin connoisseur.) #2

Toby is in the same boat, as is Montana. I agree completely.


(Tryak74lol) #3

I don’t know about Montana being reclassified, but Toby didn’t even occur to me, I agree that he too should be changed. Ghalt might be a potential candidate as well.


(unmaking the universe with math) #4

Isn’t Toby already one of the ( if not the) best wave clears in the game?
And you wanna be 15% better at it?


(Penguin connoisseur.) #5

No, i’m fine where i’m at, damage-wise… Can i get, like, 15% more kippers though…? 15% DR against the minions i am never by is kinda useless…

Oh… A-And sorry for breaking the fourth wall! Please don’t hate me!

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(unmaking the universe with math) #6

You’ll get nothing!
And like it!

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(Penguin connoisseur.) #7

Okay… Sorry… :disappointed:

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(The Red Bar Observer) #8

Mellka life is wishing you’d been given nothing



This needs to happen. Supports still need something.

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(Triazic) #10

Attacker=aggressive, offensive.
Ernest, being a campy grenade spam douchebag is not this.
The only time Ernest ever moves is if his team has pushed up a bit. He then proceeds to camp in the new location.

Marquis and Attikus are weird cases, if anything.



The point is, characters like earnest and Toby don’t benefit much from the defensive boost.

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(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #12

Why would they reclassify to get a 15% damage buff when his nerfs have been specifically to his damage and wave-clear?

Obviously they think his ability to clear waves is at a good point.

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(Hobbit Warrior) #13

Selfish Ernest players will sit back the entire game using attack speed to lay down damage from well behind the lines. Good Ernest players constantly re position their egg so their team can take advantage of the buffs. This usually involves some measure of having to move and be near combat. That said, he absolutely does not need to be back where he was before the nerfs to his waveclear. He still does well enough as it is.



He is at a good point but it just doesn’t make sense you know?


(ClkwrkCuttlfish) #15

I think you mean he should be reclassified as support. That way no buff against minions. Personally I think the defense boost is fine. Defenders should be focusing and trying to pull aggro from thralls and elites bots. Those are the only PvE enemies in pvp play that do enough damage to get significant use of the damage reduction. They are also the only ones that might survive an attackers damage long enough to do some damage back.



I think the defensive boost is fine in general it just doesn’t fit certain characters like earnest and Toby. They shouldn’t be take the damage from the trolls and minions that should be doing the damage. But I do understand how giving them a damage boost may be a bit too much. Maybe the whole system needs to change.

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(The Title Master) #17

Unless they cross the bridge on Echelon…