What if Gearbox released

an updated version of BL2 with mantling, slamming, updated graphics, 4K. 4 player splitscreen for the next gen consoles etc., but kept the story and weapons/gear as is. Would you buy it?

Only if it would be TPS, not BL2. End of course it should be full remake, not just remaster.


Very yes
But also with better balancing hahahahah

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not in a million years.

Now if they released Borderlands with a UVHM type mode and/or the ability to reset all quests I’d be sorely tempted


Only if I could max out my characters in TVHM without having to touch UVHM. And the same for TPS. Even then I’d be hard pressed to retread that well worn ground.


hmm not BL2 but id love a BL1 remake. seeing reimaginings of old locales, characters, storytelling, skill trees. that would be amazing!


I’m still waiting for TPS VR. Low gravity in VR surely would be a success, right…?!

never gonna happen

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Depends on the exact circumstances. Like, full retail price or cheaper? Would I be able to transfer my old saves over? That kinda stuff.

Hard no! they should work on this game and maintain their legacy by making it good

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Hard no from me, but not because I’m a salty fan this time. I’ve already bought the game on…4 devices and I think the mod packs are about the only way I can have a fresh fun experience (I’ve gotten most VH’s to varying OP levels on every system so I’ve put my time in on the base game lol)

The real question is, how many zeros would they like on the check?

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No. It’s not the same Gearbox. It’s not the same time or environment either, a lot of things have changed.

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Since this is a fantasy-wish-fulfilment zone, can I also add in a few more missions to each Headhunter Pack, plus a few more Dwarf missions in Tiny Tina’s DLC? I always felt a few more HHP missions would round them out better and feel more balanced for the size of the maps and as for Dragon Keep, who can say no to more dwarven missions?

Oh, and another half a dozen or more missions for the Campaign of Carnage DLC, especially ones with Torgue narrating and lots of Badass references. I really miss the whole badass theme of BL2.

oh, and jump pads. jump pads are cool. and low gravity.

oh, and a DLC that ends in the death of Eva’s parents before she is conceived so that she is never born. Can we have that, too?

But seriously, sure, I would pay for an updated BL2 with BL3’s core game mechanics (but no Mayhem or annointments).

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I’d pay full retail but I’d expect to be able to transfer my save.