What if Legendaries were actualy... Legendaries?

To be fair I have often used the Wagon, Duc, unforgiven, Maggie, flood and companion and wold never throw my Jackobs collection away, they are my favourite weapons i like aiming,

Indoors the wagon can be great, against flesh the companion can be great, I just end up with the Maggie in the bag, because I soooo often see negative modifiers on M3 for normal bullets and gun damage

I like the unforgiven but god its slow on M3 on Zane, and waiting for the Duc to explode as a feking ghost is chasing you down is a pain

I rarely snipe now, if I do its the monocle or a purple Jackob’s that has 3.4k base damage or the on pump which gives me some snipe but if falls into the other bracket if the modifiers are ■■■■ again

just playing a Flak as we speak creating a mule, lot of fun, though no recall on pets for agro control seems an astonishing omission , its such an utterly basic thing to miss out

ether way, ty for you feedback and point well made

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I don’t know why it’s necessary to preserve the sanctity of legendaries. The Knoxx DLC and later, GOTY Robolution made them widely available. In BL2, the Loot Hunt buffed drop rates across the board. Then there was Uranus that made everything, including Pearlescents, even easier to obtain. The Grinder in TPS trivialized farming. Yet all these things are praised by the community. BL3 does the same thing off the bat, due to following D3’s design of appeasing casual and hardcore, and this is bad?

I don’t need Gbx to put labels on things. I stopped caring since BL2 Pearlescents, which were a mockery of its predecessors. At the end of the day, legendaries and epics that are well-rolled and properly annointed are rare enough to give me some sense of achievement.

Honestly, I don’t want to go back to BL2 on release, where I farmed legendaries at less than 5% drop rate and the items ending up being terrible.


I understand all the arguments for the abundance of the legendary and this casualization of the loot.

Borderlands has been a revelation for me since Diablo 2. They had understood what made the success of this game and integrated it into an FPS.
When Diablo 3 came out, I was really disappointed because they did not understand what made Diablo 2 or Borderlands so addictive : they made the game too accessible, assisted.
Loot too easy, legendary in abundance, challenge reduced to nothing …

When Borderlands 3 was announced I was really hype. The game was released and I took a lot of fun on the first 50h, but unfortunately as I played, I had the impression to play with the same mechanisms of Diablo 3 … Mechanisms who have done a lot of heated debate on the forums.

Now, I’m reliving the same thing here. The same choices, the same consequences, the same arguments, and the same weariness.

When I play Borderlands it is not to find the same mechanism of Diablo 3 but to find those of Borderlands 2 and Diablo 2 but in better way !
I’m fed up that the evolution of my favorite games are polluted by the majority of players who want everything without effort …

But, as I did for Diablo 3, I’m going elsewhere.
By the way, what’s funny is that now tired of Boderlands 3, it made me want to start playing Diablo 3 again …


This pretty much sums up my stance on the subject. Nice comment.

Especially this part right here. With the much larger variety of rolls and the introduction of anointments, this is a very important point. Especially since this time around the developers are very vocally trying to promote build diversity and experimentation. Something not possible if you have to spend weeks trying to find a single item.

I think a lot of people miss the fact that in BL3, anointed is the new “legendary”. As I mentioned earlier in the topic, I agree the normal orange beam does not do much to excite me. But when I see the anointed orange beam, that is a different story and the dopamine rush is still there.



The chase and dopamine is still there, you just need to understand that the game doesn’t work like you think it does, especially if you think weapons with orange cards are supposed to be the end all of the game.

Surely a wider variety of rolls means less probability of getting the rolls you want?

In another topic this was posted, and it really should be required reading…

Click on the small arrow to expand.

Here is an interesting example. I know one is free with season pass. But look at the levels and scores. Guess which is the better gun?


Not sure if this is meant to agree or disagree with what I said. Yeah a wide variety means harder to get what you want, meaning if we listen to this topic and lower the rates, then even harder. But at the same time the wide variety means more diversity which as I mentioned the developers are very openly promoting this time around.

That is a very interesting read, and I’ve read it before. Also as a programmer by trade, pseudo-randomness is a concept I’m already extremely familiar with.

Unfortunately item score means nothing, which is pretty common knowledge at this point. Still not sure what you are getting at?

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Two seperate posts really, but related. One was about how wider probability will mean it is harder to get builds to zenith, which is what people may want from build options.

Second was an example where a level 23 purple is better than a level 28 legendary based on how the stats roll. More general to the topic.

Not trying to agree or disagree…Just general discussion. Improving my knowledge and understanding.

Is this a bad idea? What if they made a unique enemy for each faction with a low to moderate chance of spawning anywhere. More like minibosses not annointed enemies,but the catch here is they use legendaries against us and when they die they drop that legendary fully annointed :smiley: . It sounds ridiculous but just imagine mobbing and you get that boss intro or some unique screen effect to indicate they are around.

There are enough legendaries, annointments and variations for shields, mods and artifacts to farm. Ive sunk 20 hours into farming and I havent even got a luciens call to drop yet, let alone a cryo annointed one :frowning:

thats exactly the problem.

I am also at a point where I am looking for specific items to try out a new build or complete another one. But the chance to get what I want is so miniscule and down to chance that I dont even know where to go, what to do. So its down to the “best droprate for your time” and that flat out kills variety and diversity as you will ignore 90% of the content and do 1 or 2 specific area/challenges.

Seriously, the chance is so low that I often dont even bother to farm anymore. Whats the point? As a consequence I simply play less because the story is no fun and the endgame is a lottery draw that is so bad that any sane person would avoid it.

As for endgame Gearbox really failed this time around.


Yea… not for me, to be honest, When I see orange, first thing that cross my mind is: “yey, what useless shait or duplicate did I get this time?” Also, I don’t realy like the anoitment mechanic as it seems to me that 90% are very insignificant buffs or strait up useless for my character. Sure you can adjust your builds around it and vice versa, but I can’t be bothered to farm anoitments without dedicated dropps or to remember what anoitment I currently have on which gun and what it does. It’s somewhat different with terror anoitments but those will be obsolete once the event is over.

Big time!

I can feel this. Screw the coc-I mean woodblocker.


Lol what? You clearly don’t understand the game very well. Which is perfectly ok. The majority of anoinments are extremely powerful and build defining. A minority are lackluster, hopefully those get adjusted.

That’s a you problem, not a game design problem.

Completely false, again this is you having a misunderstanding.

Definitely quite a few issues with the end game. Most notably no dedicated loot sources, which they have stated is coming in the near future. Second most obvious, Mayhem mode. I have my doubts what Mayhem v2 or 4.0 will bring, hopefully it’s going to be better then I’m imagining.


Most of the ones I’ve seen are either “meh” or are on an item I don’t want to use… usually both.

Yeah the worst is that they have added weapon trinkets to the loot pool. So you go over to that orange light after hours of grind… and look just what you always wanted a tiny, almost invisible weapon dangle. Thanks…

This game should be renamed to Rafflelands…

I can understand getting the anoint on the wrong item which you don’t want…

But to call most anointments ‘meh’, I don’t even know how to respond to that lol.

Also and this is a direct quote from YOU: “I almost never get Legendaries.”, so how would you be qualified to make this comment? @jgartenbenz

I can think of a few off the top of my head that aren’t very good and need adjustments. –

  • “Accuracy and Handling during Fade Away”
  • “Grants an extra charge of Rakk Attack”
  • “While Iron Bear is active 20% chance to throw a grenade when receiving damage-only because this one flat doesn’t work , if it did it would be strong”
  • “On action skill end - Greatly increased weapon accuracy and handling”

These ones I can agree are fairly weak and could use some buffs. The rest are either major damage boosts or great utility which can all completely change a build in a very strong way.

Well, I’d say I understand the game, just don’t see any reason to use or make a build around anoitments when I have no trouble melting everithing on M3 without them, there fore never really cared… I mean waht is the point? melt everything even faster? why? You are still doing the same just a few seconds faster.

I’d say it’s kinda both, since the game doesn’t realy give me any reason to care about them. But I am not here to argue…

That’s actually one of the few I’m using. It does, in fact, work. Good times. Not “build defining” for me, but amusing.

Edit: Mind you, I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t work when Iron Bear is busy being an auto-turret instead of a proper Iron Bear…

People are having issues with this one not working: